GCSE Investigate Food 2 (Kings Lynn)

GCSE Investigate Food 2 

Presenters: Barbara Monks, Julie Messenger

A one-day course following up the highly successful Investigate Food first delivered in 2015.We ran this course, GCSE Investigate Food 2 in June and July 2016 and we now offer another opportunity to gain food investigation support during the first year of teaching the new GCSE Food preparation and nutrition. We cover how to help students maximize their performance in NEA 1 – the food Investigation and how to deliver food science and food investigations within the food room. This course meets the standards of Food Teachers Professional Portfolio as outlined on the certificate.



Julie Messenger and Barbara Monks will focus on the requirements of GCSE Food preparation and nutrition.  We believe that practical based learning is essential for students and therefore we will present ideas that will engage the learner and work well in food lessons. We will cover the planning and organisation of food investigations, trialing a food investigation and practical food science activities related to proteins, pH and foams whilst providing resources to cover carbohydrates and fats. It’s a unique package designed to support the teacher of the new GCSE.

Barbara will take you through the food science activities and Julie will cover curriculum planning that builds ‘investigative terminology’ through KS3 to KS4 for successful teaching of the new specification.  We are working together to ensure a value packed day with lots of teacher ready resources. We provide a package of all the resources used in Investigate Food 1 and Investigate Food 2 to include over 15 student worksheets and teacher support sheets, illustrated PowerPoint presentations and literacy support for key terms.  Last summer many teacher delegates were delighted to incorporate the resources immediately into their KS4 schemes.  We are building on this by delivering a training day for this autumn term specifically for teachers of Year 10 students taking Food preparation and nutrition in 2016.



Practical:  KS3 / GCSE Food Science Investigations

Getting food science underway within Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE and preparing for NEA 1, the food investigation.

Understanding the working characteristics, functional and chemical properties of ingredients:

  • Trialing a food investigation, key skills and practical organisation.
  • Over 15 ready to use worksheet for students
  • Teacher support sheets for food science
  • Links with Proteins – Coagulation, foam formation, gluten formation.
  • Resources to support carbohydrate and fat science.
  • Exploration of pH values and raising agents.


Presentation: Investigation within GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition 2016

  • Understanding the NEA 1 content of the GCSE food preparation and nutrition
  • Building learning with literacy for Investigation.    
  • Exploring how to deliver safe, effective practical food science.
  • Addressing progression across the Key stages 3 and 4.
  • Useful links to teaching resources for the new GCSE.


Barbara Monks is an experienced teacher, Teaching Food Safely trainer and Associate of the Food Teachers Centre.  Her website is designed to help improve food knowledge and understand recipes see http://thecookeryteacher.com/.  Building on Licence to Cook training, Teach Food Technology and GCSE and A Level AQA delivery Barbara knows the importance of enriching food teaching to maximise pupils’ potential.  She has recently published a set of booklets to improve food science literacy. More





Julie Messenger is a very experienced teacher of 27 years. Her roles have included AST, trainer for Food Specialist HLTA and Food in Schools primary trainer. She was also advisor in Northamptonshire for food curriculum planning.  She has extensive knowledge about STEM focused, food based, enrichment activities.



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