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June-July News 2016

News: Celebrating 100 events

The Food Teachers Centre Associates are pictured here celebrating at their planning meeting in Surrey and with teachers in London who were at the 100th event in June!
The Food Teachers Centre are proud to have shared over 100 events with you in the last 18 months.  We have travelled to every part of the country to support you with the new KS3 and GCSE curriculum, to support technicians and non-specialists teaching food.  We’ve seen the impact of our practical skills and food investigations workshops in your teaching – we know that so many more teachers are ready for higher level GCSE skills.  We’ve been able to bring you fantastic free networking events with our supporters such as Springboard Futurechef.  We had our first event for special schools last week and hundreds of teachers came together in May, June and July to plan their new GCSE scheme of work and gain the support of colleagues. The feedback has been amazing, and we will continue to work with you to bring high quality events for a price your school can afford.
None of this would be possible without our brilliant host schools and their food teachers- thank you to all of you!
And of course, a huge thanks to the Associates – what a team of volunteers we have! And our guest presenters, who travel in the wee hours, spend nights way from home, set off at the crack of dawn and bring you the most up to date and inspiring training they can.
We haven’t seen a training programme like this since the days of ‘Licence to Cook’, when the government funded a half-day training for every food teacher, and that team managed to train every school over four years.  In these times, when that kind of government funding has long gone and seems never to return, we are very proud that the food teachers themselves have taken back control of their own professinal development and support through the Food Teachers Centre.
Please continue to attend our events in 2016-17, and offer to host at your school for a free training place and many other benefits to our loyal helpers.  Our new training year brochure will be out in the summer holidays.
We are more than just events.
 The Food Teachers Centre is more than just the events.  The Associates continue to volunteer to attend meetings to support the voice of food teachers. Recently, Simon Gray and Louise Davies attended the All Parliamentary Group on School Food at the House of Commons.  With so much political change its important that people help us to deliver ‘better food teaching’.  We also continue to discuss an action plan on food ingredients with the Food and Drink Federation, who have promised to work with us to find a solution to this problem in schools.  We work together with a range of important groups including the Agriculture, Horticulture Development Board, Countryside Classroom, Royal Horticultural Society, Childrens Food Campaign, Springboard Futurechef and the Institute of Food Science and Technology.
And finally, news on our Resource Bank of facebook files.  Many teachers struggle to search for what they need on facebook, there is simply too much excellent work shared with colleagues.  We have an off-line copy of the files that are searchable by keywords, and we will be sharing with you over the summer how you can get access to that resource bank.  As these items have been shared freely amongst colleagues we have no intention of charging for this service.  The Associates have been happy to devote their time to filing, sifting and sorting and providing this for you.  Continue to share on facebook, and the files will be even further populated, great for the new GCSE. A big thanks to Fiona and Kath for all their behind the scenes work on this.
Well Done all, and we hope you have a great summer break. Remember that the team are always there to support you, even in the holiday times

FREE!  Food Teacher Professional Portfolio

Over 1,300 teachers and HLTAs have registered for this professional development programme since its launch in October 2015. The FREE programme is designed to support teachers throughout their career (including trainee, newly qualified and supply teachers) enabling them to audit, plan, organise and record their professional development.
The FREE programme comprises monthly webinars and emails with supporting resources and free face to face events. The live webinars are recorded and can be accessed at any time.
During 2016/17 events include:
  • four twilight professional development sessions – nutrition, food science investigation support and resources;
  • a conference (London) – support, information and guidance for NQTs and non-specialist food teachers.
Comments from teachers about the Food Teacher Professional Portfolio programme include:
  • “Excellent – a wealth of resources and training opportunities that can be accessed in my own time.”
  • “I am looking forward to using this as a tool to structure and record information for performance management.”
  • “I like the flexibility of the programme.”
To find out more and register, click here.

Register and complete the audit before 31 July 2016 to receive your organiser in September 2016!



FREE Resources –

Get Set to eat Fresh

Celebrate food with Team GB

Join the countdown to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games by registering for Get Set to Eat Fresh, an education programme created by the British Olympic Association in partnership with Aldi. Use the programme’s exciting curriculum-linked resources to give 7-14 year-olds the skills and confidence to cook and enjoy healthy food.

This summer sees the launch of a new range of resources called Celebration of Food, which encourages schools across the UK to celebrate food and tell the Get Set Community all about it. Simply share your story on the website, send a photo or use the official hashtag #GetSetEatFresh for the chance to win Team GB signed merchandise or Get Set to Eat Fresh stickers. Get students to discover food and national dishes of a country in which the Olympic Games have been held. You can run your very own celebration event at your school featuring the dishes that your class has researched and prepared.

Watch the video featuring Team GB athletes Jade Jones, Jack Laugher and Liam Phillips to find out how food has played a part in the special moments in their lives and how they use food to celebrate with friends and family.


For more information about the programme visit




SOS Sunday On-Line Support

We are taking a break from SOS over the summer – but in the autumn term visit us in the closed facebook group Sundays at 7-8pm whilst experts answer your questions. Remember this is AMA – ask me anything (about the topic of course!).  Look out for the logo above and follow the discussion thread. Also look out for our MONDAY Q&A sessions, we are inviting those people and organisations that provide free resources to tell you all about them and how to find them.


Face to face events

All of our training is linked to a Food Teacher Professional Portfolio programme

NEW!  Primary Schools training events with RHS Cultivating a Healthier School (Grow, Cook, Eat your own produce)

RHS horticulturists have teamed up with the Food Teachers Centre to provide a practical course to enable you to put pupil’s health and wellbeing at the centre of your school with an ethos and culture of great food.


  • Meet the new Ofsted criteria and School Food Plan requirements with effective growing and cooking
  • Gain the skills and confidence to cook imaginative and seasonal produce with your class, for example exploring tastes and colours with beetroot muffins, sprouting pea salad, Kale pesto
  • Deliver fun, engaging and real-life lessons packed full of maths, literacy and science content
  • Learn successful strategies that support healthier choices and put young people in the driving seat of decisions about what food is served in your school






11th October 2016

East Midlands

13th October 2016

West Midlands

8th March 2017

South West

20th March 2017

South East

23rd March 2017


18th May 2016

North East

18th May 2017

East of England

TBC – Early Summer 2017



Outstanding Food

This course will focus on the following areas to help you develop strategies to embed health and wellbeing across the school and to deliver better food lessons throughout the year.
·        Action 9 of the School Food Plan is centred on the monitoring of schools in relation to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the time and space given to lunch.
·         Under the new Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework 2015, inspectors assess how “children and learners keep themselves healthy, including through healthy eating”. Inspectors will look at “the food on offer and visit the canteen to see the atmosphere and culture in the dining space and the effect this has on pupils’ behaviour.” Inspectors will also look at the “breadth and balance of the curriculum, of which practical cookery is now a part.” This forms part of a Personal development, behaviour and welfare judgement
  • Find out how you can support your school to embed this through the guidance in the School Food Plan (January 2016 Ofsted Inspection Update)
·        Myth Busting: Ofsted do not expect specific preparation for the inspection – they want you to teach well throughout the year. We will share with you our ideas on:
o   Setting high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge
o   Promoting strategies to show pupil progression
o   Planning well-structured lessons, with effective differentiation,  questioning, behavior management  and approaches to assessment
o   How to cope with being observed, and observing others in food

What teachers say about this event:

“I thoroughly enjoyed Fiona’s presentation- it was delivered clearly with good anecdotal evidence and examples. Learned a lot.”

“Fabulous venue and hosts. Subject content and delivery totally spot on . Thanks. An inspiring day with lots to act upon.”


 Teaching food as a non-specialist?

Didn’t train to teach food? Come from another subject? 


(a 2-day course for non-specialist food teachers)
This 2-day course develops non-specialists understanding, skills and knowledge of food teaching at KS3.
  • Learn about the place of food today within D&T and the wider school curriculum
  • Understand safe food handling practices, including personal hygiene, temperature and stock control and understand how to use of risk assessments for food teaching.
  • Develop confidence in practical skills and know how to deliver them at KS3.
  • How to introduce KS3 food investigations, analysis and evaluation skills (including sensory testing) into schemes of learning in preparation for the new GCSE.
  • Understand the main areas of progression required at KS3:
Ø  Principles of nutrition and health.
Ø  Recipes to feed young people and others as part of a healthy and varied diet.
Ø  Competence in a range of cooking techniques.
Ø  Source, seasonality and characteristics of ingredients.

What our teachers say about this course:

“Absolutely brilliant! Extremely informative and supportive throughout. Great practical experience too and up to date information. Great resources and pointers for sourcing additional materials.”

“All very useful especially new developments, and resources now available, and where to find them.”


Birmingham 28-29th September 2016

Milton Keynes 4-5th October 2016

Exeter 10-11th October 2016

South Wales 24-25th January 2017

London 20-21st June 2017

Bristol 6-7th July 2017

We will also be doing a KS4 course for non specialists

South Wales 1st -2nd November 2016

Birmingham 8-9th Feb 2017

London 11-12th July 2017


Technician Skills Academy

Following on from the huge success of our 2015-16 season Technician events in Stoke, Cambridge, Rochdale, Derbyshire, Chicester, Leeds, Bournemouth, London, Wirral, Ipswich, Surrey, Lancashire, Bristol, Bromsgrove, Sheffield, Exeter, Stockport, Ascot, Dudley, Cheltenham, Milton Keynes, Yorkshire, Somerset, our tour of the country continues next year…………
This full-day course helps Food Technicians with clarity about their role. The presentations, discussion and workshops provide a platform for them to develop their role further.
The morning presentations and discussions:
  • Outline and clarify the role of the food technician.
  • Suggest how the technician can support the work of the food teacher.
  • Provide essential up-to-date information regarding the importance of learning about food within the wider school curriculum.
  • Review and develop practical skills and foster discussion with other technicians.
Afternoon workshops and discussions:
  • Build confidence and competence in systematising food safety in the classroom. This includes understanding the importance of food handling, risk assessments, temperature control, and understanding about food allergens and intolerances.Learn best practice in the range of tasks that food technicians encounter in their daily work.
  • Explore how to effectively prepare and manage different food activities within the classroom, including demonstrations, practical work, group work, food science investigations, and practical exams and so on.
What Technicians say about their day:
“The course excelled in covering Health and Safety and the new Food and Nutrition requirements. I was also very impressed with the presentation pack to refer to later.”
“It was a really useful event meeting others in the same position as oneself. The course was very informative and will help me a lot in the near future.”

DATES FOR YOUR DIARY!     Bookings open soon for

Wallesend (NE) 11th October 2016

Surrey (1st November 2016)

Oxford (10th November 2016)

Caerphilly, Berkshire, Brighton

How to get in the Closed Facebook group………….

We have two opportunities to join us on facebook – one is a public page for everyone to ‘LIKE’. We post news stories about food teaching and news, so please go to this page and ‘LIKE’ it to get news in your facebook newsfeed.
Our second place is the closed is a closed group only for food teachers and trainee teachers.
The closed group protects the conversations within the food teaching community only.  Once you have requested to join we will send you a message and ask that you confirm the current school you work in and we will check that this matches our records. Please check your ‘other’ inbox folder, as this message may go there if you have a secure facebook account.
Once cleared to join the group you accept our guidelines of participation.
Best wishes from the Food Teachers centre team
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Best wishes
Louise T Davies, (Founder Food Teachers Centre)


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