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November 2016

Good reasons to be in the Food Teachers Centre …
With over 4,000 food teachers in the closed group and as we approach our 4th birthday, here are some good reasons to take part:
  1. It is such an easy way to stay up to date and to connect with other food teachers if you are on your own.
  2. This term we launched the Resource Bank, thousands of files shared on facebook can be accessed offline, making it easier to search and saving everyone time.
  3. We just started the second year of our partnership with BNF for the Food Teacher Professional Portfolio, bringing you FREE monthly webinars, regional twilights and a workshop day for non-specialists.
  4. Thousands of food teachers have come on our face to face events – we offer food safety, technicians, non-specialists, outstanding food, food science and GCSE training days for secondary We also offer two different sorts of practical primary days.
  5. We safeguard people in the facebook group, we restrict entry so that SPAM does not find its way in. We also hold high professional standards and monitor the group so that everyone is protected in this safe space for discussions. It meets teaching union guidelines for teachers using social media. (Check these here)
  6. Each week (except holidays) we hold on-line Q&A or SOS sessions – bringing you information about free resources and answering questions to support you. Look out for our listing in this newsletter and on the events page of the group.

#Tell Theresa campaign…

Join our messaging campaign about the role that food education can play in the government’s drive to address Obesity. Food teachers can play an instrumental role in their schools in educating young people about healthy eating and encouraging behaviour change. See our recent presentation here. But we can only do this if we have the resources – shorter lessons, larger classes and lack of funding for our subject are limiting our work. So do let the government know.


Tweet Theresa May and your MP ( using #TellTheresa #FoodTCentre
Send her and your MP photos about healthy eating learning, and make our points, here are some examples that you can send out:
  • Support food teachers in obesity challenge with more time for lessons and ingredients for all to take part (106)
  • Support food teachers who teach healthy eating and change behaviour by making food education compulsory for academies (117)
  • No child should be left behind in food education because they cannot afford ingredients for healthy eating lessons (114)
  • Use sugar tax to fund healthy cooking lessons for all, no child should be left out because they cannot afford ingredients (123)
Include us and let’s make some noise #FoodTCentre


Check out our recent discussion about how the Obesity Strategy will impact on the work of food educators in primary and secondary schools.
Presentation and discussion is on the closed facebook group (you have to be a member to see video and read comments).
If you are a member click here
If you want to join click here
The presentation is also available HERE

Events coming soon…

Inspiring Learning for Food and Textiles teachers

Plan for the Future: Food and Textiles teaching with Louise T Davies (Founder, Food Teachers Centre) and Dawn Foxall (Founder, Textiles Skills Academy)
New D&T and Food GCSEs and Progress 8! Never have food and textiles teachers faced such an array of new challenges and opportunities! How will you know you are getting it right in your school? We find ourselves sitting in the third bucket, competing with every other creative and vocational option. With a decline in numbers and funding for D&T we need to understand the wider scene and prove that our lessons are relevant, vibrant, and essential for EVERY child. This presentation equips you with ideas to secure a better future for your subject at school, by addressing Ofsted concerns, linking to key government drivers and developing skills that future employers value.


Inspiring Textiles in the Classroom with Nicky Simpson
Improve your practical skills with both hand and machine sewing for Key stage 4 and 5; including smocking, shadow folds, heat press innovation and computer aided design. Begin a construction sample resource to use in your classroom to create exciting and innovative products. Ideas for excellent products, lesson activities, schemes of work that lead to improved coursework/exam performance. Plenty of inspirational examples and resources to photograph.


Inspiring Food in the Classroom with Barbara Monks (Food Teachers Centre, Senior Associate, ) or Joe Mann (Food Teachers Centre, Senior Associate, Fun Kitchen)
Stimulating and thought provoking food science investigations in KS3 and Y10 in preparation for the new GCSE, prepare for the new NEA (food science investigation). This practical and presentation session will help you gain a better understanding of the working characteristics, functional and chemical properties of ingredients.


“Meeting fellow food teachers, learning more about the new GCSE…..OFSTED. To be honest I loved it and thought it was the best course I have been on. “


“Excellent speaker and information was so vital to everyday teaching…..thank you!”
“Gave me a chance to clarify so many issues (time to think with lots of practical advice from subject specialist experts).”
“Really well presented / very informative / fantastic resources / should really help with planning.”
Saturday 26th Nov 2016
Shipley, Nr
Saturday 3rd Dec 2016
Saturday 24th June 2017
Saturday 1st July 2017




GCSE Food Matters – Food Teaching Made Easy…
Catch up with national news and practical ideas to help with GCSE teaching (with Louise Davies, Jenny Ridgwell and Anita Tull)
Find out what is happening on GCSE, Technical Awards, and post 16, together key issues such as assessment, progression and attainment, advice on managing lessons, seeking funding, news on pupil premium, Progress 8 and option blocks, and OFSTED inspections.
This presentation will help you become
  • Better informed and resourced
  • Clearer on national development and able to guide your school about subject needs
  • Save time by knowing where to find advice and free resources to help you.
Louise Davies will also introduce the new GCSE revision guide for Collins, looking ahead with you to Year 11 and how best to prepare your students for assessment. Followed by a workshop full of valuable KS3 and GCSE teaching and learning techniques from Anita Tull and Jenny Ridgwell – experienced teachers and well known authors, with loads of new teaching ideas and resources to take away.
Ideas, inspiration and fun for students is the brief for this workshop.
Jenny Ridgwell will follow Albert Einstein’s “Everything should be made as simple as possible” view to look at quick and easy ways to tackle investigations and evaluations for NEAs for Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE.
  • She will use the Nutrition Program and other IT skills to show how to present work in a quick and modern way to appeal to today’s students.
  • The workshop will include up to date nutrition information, using the star profile and other tools for the practical assessment
  • Jenny will share her ‘real world’ investigations along the way.
Anita Tull will share ideas on how to use a range of teaching activities to bring the new GCSE to life – engaging and motivating students. With advice and guidance on the preparing your Year 11 students for their NEA investigations and practical assessment. – focusing on the essentials, together with ideas that make learning stick ready for the exam.
Victoria, LONDON
23rd January 2017
Louise Davies with Jenny Ridgwell
Victoria, LONDON
20th March 2017
Followed by free twilight event, social,light refreshments, tour of the college and chef demo
Louise Davies with Jenny Ridgwell
Victoria, LONDON
5th June 2017
Louise Davies with guest presenters
Victoria, LONDON
10th July 2017
Louise Davies with Anita Tull


Teach Food at KS3 and GCSE (non-specialists)..

Presenters Kath Callaghan and Suzanne Gray
Feeling unsure of teaching practical food lessons and concerned about techniques and management of students and rooms in these fast-paced lessons? Our full course of 2x 2 days for NON-SPECIALIST FOOD TEACHERS shares best practice, top tips and great ideas when working in the food room.
The full course is planned as two days back to back for KS3 and two days back to back for GCSE. You can book onto just the two days that you need (depending on the age range you are teaching), or the full course to get a complete coverage of the skills and techniques for the secondary age range.
This programme of training is based on face to face interactive sessions with a wide range of practical skills being covered, but ensuring how to deliver these appropriately to students. We aim to build teachers self-esteem and competency in practical application through providing practical skills training and guided learning…bringing the Wow factor into your classroom!
Reigate (Surrey)
Mon 5th Dec and Mon 12th Dec 2016
South Wales
Tues 24th and Weds 25th Jan 2017
London (East)
Tues 20th and Weds 21st June 2017
Thurs 6th and Fri 7th July 2017
London (S.E.)
Weds 7th and Thurs 8th Dec
Weds 8th and Thurs 9th Feb
South Wales
Tues 28th Feb and Weds 1st March
London (East)
Tues 11th and Weds 12th July 2017

Outstanding Food…

FIona Balding’s course will focus on the following areas to help you develop strategies to embed health and wellbeing across the school and to deliver better food lessons throughout the year.
  • Action 9 of the School Food Plan is centred on the monitoring of schools in relation to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and the time and space given to lunch.
  • Under the new Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework 2015, inspectors assess how “children and learners keep themselves healthy, including through healthy eating”. Inspectors will look at “the food on offer and visit the canteen to see the atmosphere and culture in the dining space and the effect this has on pupils’ behaviour.” Inspectors will also look at the “breadth and balance of the curriculum, of which practical cookery is now a part.” This forms part of a Personal development, behaviour and welfare judgement.
  • Find out how you can support
    your school to embed this through the guidance in the School Food Plan
    (January 2016 Ofsted Inspection
  • Myth Busting: Ofsted do not expect specific preparation for the inspection – they want you to teach well throughout the year. We will share with you our ideas on:
    • Setting high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge
    • Promoting strategies to show pupil progression
    • Planning well-structured lessons, with effective differentiation, questioning, behavior management and approaches to assessment
    • How to cope with being observed, and observing others in food
Central London
Thursday 24th November 2016
North Yorkshire
Friday 2nd December 2016
19th May 2017
Friday 16th June 2017

Teaching Food Science Part 1

– A recipe for Success

Presenters Joe Mann and Simon Gray
Are you concerned about the amount of food science content you are expected to teach in the new GCSE? We will show you how to include each of the key food science concepts paired with relevant key cookery techniques in a realistic, creative and engaging way, looking at a realistic lesson by lesson overview for just seven weeks!
The day will take you through ways to simplify each food science concept using a combination of achievable short cooking activities, each matched to an easy and engaging practical food science experiment or investigation.
You will experience a series of deliverable lessons all mapped against the key concepts and techniques you need to cover.
A series of practical cooking activities linked to a science experiment or investigation that can be carried out in your lessons to develop the understanding and knowledge of the food science required for the new GCSE.
Lewes, Sussex
Tuesday 15th November 2016
Tuesday 29th November 2016
Tuesday 6th December 2016
Stourbridge, West Midlands
Tuesday 13th December 2016
Tuesday 7th February 2017
Part 2 (summer term dates) coming soon, check our website for details


Feed the Future – delivering provenance and sustainability


Presenter Suzanne Gray
As a vital new part of the GCSE and KS3 programme of study this course is invaluable to all secondary food teachers who would like to develop their teaching skills in areas that may be controversial, create debate and emotional responses to food issues. As teachers and role models – how can we produce less packaging waste; reduce our planets’ gas emissions and plan for a future that will feed the ever-expanding population with good nutritious food?
The day will consist of a combination of information, discussion, practical tasks and hands on learning. Part of the day will also be spent in looking at new and innovative ideas for producing our food in a more ecologically sound way e.g. hydroponics.
Tuesday 31st January 2017


Food Technicians and Support Staff (Secondary)

Presenters: Barbara Rathmill and Kath Callaghan
Join like-minded Secondary FOOD TECHNICIANS and TEACHING ASSISTANTS for this one-day course to share best practice, top tips and great ideas when working in the food room.
The day will consist of a combination of information, discussion, practical tasks and hands on learning:
  • What’s your role as a technician?
  • What’s happening in food teaching and how will this affect your role?
  • Working alongside the teacher to ensure that the room is safe to work in – know about the key systems and processes needed.
  • Working alongside the teacher to deliver practical lessons – smooth operations! Setting up practical lessons, demonstrations, tasting, testing and food investigations, practical exams. For example, ingredients provision, supervising equipment, knowing when to intervene, what to do if…….?
  • Providing support to small groups and individuals so that all abilities succeed in achieving quality end products
Monday 14th November 2016
Wednesday 23rd
November 2016
Caerphilly, South Wales
Thursday 24th November 2016
St Helens
Tuesday 29th November 2016
Monday 27th February 2017
Bushey, Watford
Tuesday 21st March 2017
Tuesday 28th March 2017


Food Safety in the ClassroomNEW COURSE

Our first two food safety courses quickly sold out, so book as soon as you can
Presenter Barbara Rathmill
This one day course includes award of Level 2 Food Safety (CIEH) and accreditation for the national recognised framework for food teaching standards 9.1-9.6 ‘Implementing good hygiene and safety’ (listed in ‘Food teaching in secondary schools: A framework of knowledge and skills’ 2015 Public Health England, British Nutrition Foundation and Department for Education). Download this framework Here
31st January
More dates coming soon, check our website for details

Food Teaching in Primary SchoolsNEW COURSE

Presenter Barbara Rathmill


The day will consist of a combination of information, discussion, practical tasks and hands on learning:
  • Meet the new Ofsted ‘wellbeing’ criteria and School Food Plan requirements with effective growing and cooking.
  • Put pupil’s health and wellbeing at the centre of their school with an ethos and culture of great food.
  • Gain the skills and confidence to cook imaginative products with your class, exploring tastes and colours.
  • Deliver fun, engaging and real-life lessons packed full of maths, literacy and science content
  • Learn successful strategies that support healthier choices empowering young people to make informed decisions about what food is served in your school.
  • Managing a food/cooking area or room so that it is a safe and hygienic environment to deliver practical preparation, cooking and tasting activities
  • Managing a food area or room with your school so that it is a safe and hygienic environment to deliver practical activities.
With Barbara Rathmill
10th March 2017



Cultivating a Healthier School (Primary)

(Grow, Cook, Eat your own produce) with RHS


RHS horticulturists have teamed up with the Food Teachers Centre to provide a practical course to enable you to put pupil’s health and wellbeing at the centre of your school with an ethos and culture of great food.
· Meet the new Ofsted criteria and School Food Plan requirements with effective growing and cooking
· Gain the skills and confidence to cook imaginative and seasonal produce with your class, for example exploring tastes and colours with beetroot muffins, sprouting pea salad, kale pesto
· Deliver fun, engaging and real-life lessons packed full of maths, literacy and science content
· Learn successful strategies that support healthier choices and put young people in the driving seat of decisions about what food is served in your school
8th March 2017
20th March 2017
23rd March 2017
18th May 2017
18th May 2017
of England
7th July 2017
ONLY £120 Find out more and Book here



Photos from the London Launch of ‘Cultivating Healthier School’ at Charlton Manor Primary School



Join the PRIMARY facebook closed group

– Primary Skills Academy Request here


FREE EVENTS – SOS Sunday On-line Support

Sunday 11th Sept
Sharing autumn term SOW plans for the new GCSE
Sunday 18th Sept
School Open Days – sharing ideas to give “WOW” factor for visitors
Sunday 25th Sept
Obesity Strategy – our role as
Sunday 2nd Oct
Resources and
– Essentials? Sourcing?
Sunday 9th Oct
Food Provenance: sharing your ideas for teaching.
16th 23rd October
Half term BREAK
Sunday 30th Oct
Health &
– getting simple systems in
Sunday 5th Nov
Sharing approaches
to assessment
Sunday 13th Nov
Strategies for
teaching specialist food science vocabulary
Sunday 20th Nov
Activities –
Sunday 27th Nov
Food based
Enrichment Activities –
sharing ideas for activities that have
maximum effort with minimum effort
Sunday 4th Dec
How to educate
your senior leaders
in understanding
the importance of food in the curriculum
Sunday 11th Dec
Links with
Industry –
how to develop effective working
relationships in your local community
PLEASE CHECK the latest times and dates in the group, as we may move it to another evening shortly!

FREE EVENTS – Monday Q&A 7.30pm

12th Sept
Chilled Education
19th Sept
The Crunch – Wellcome Foundation
26th Sept

Grain Chain

31st Oct
14th Nov
Mon 21st Nov
Mon 28th Nov
Mon 4th Dec
Mon11th Dec
Xmas break
The NEW Futurechef is here… Cooking up a storm
Springboard’s FutureChef is the best industry backed resource matched to the food related curriculum. Aimed at young people aged 12 – 16, it inspires them to cook through:
  • Classroom resources & activities
  • Industry skills demos & challenges
  • Competitions & awards
FutureChef has many great benefits that help to:
  • Directly support the food curriculum
  • Offer interactive classroom resources
  • Nurture industry links
  • Teach life skills and build confidence
  • Promote healthy eating and nutrition

More info

Don’t miss Westminster Kingsway College, London – OPEN DAYS…
Monday 28/11/16 4pm-7pm
Monday 06/02/17 4pm-7pm
Monday 13/03/17 4pm-7pm
Westminster Kingsway College was established in 1893 by Cesar Ritz & Auguste Escoffier. We at the college are rightly very proud of our heritage and still look to hold dear to ethos of their training whilst developing our students to go out into industry with the techniques, skills and knowledge required to be a part of one of the most dynamic trades in the world.
The open evening events are a chance for parents, guardians and prospective students to gain an insight into the facilities and programmes on offer . Presentations, demonstrations, tours and individual advice can be obtained on the following dates at the Victoria Centre in Vincent Square:
Pre-register to beat the queue but drop-ins are welcome.



Class sizes

There has been a worrying number of people talking about being asked to accept classes larger than the room is designed for. We know that budget cuts in schools are causing heads to make some difficult decisions on how they may have to save money, and we can see that increasing the class size is considered a solution. Many head-teachers are unaware of the health and safety implications (or the impact on pupil engagement and attainment), so it is best to draw attention to this and suggest ways that these issues can be overcome.

We have developed some advice and a video to help you address this situation in our school.

CLEAPSS Futureminds Issue 3 is out now…

D&T Training, workshop maintenance, Food Teachers Centre, National Centre for Art & Design, Ink & Bleach, QR codes in managing D&T, Textiles Skills Academy, making your own motrised vehicle, and CLEAPSS H&S update. Issue 3


Best wishes from the Food Teachers Centre team

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Louise Davies (Founder: Food Teachers Centre)

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