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The best way to join is to sign-up to our newsletter. We send you information no more than twice a month.

You can also join the Food Teachers Centre closed group.

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How to join the facebook group

We have two opportunities to join us on facebook – one is a public page for everyone, the other is a closed group only for food teachers and trainee teachers.

Please only request to join the group if you are a food teacher.

Our group is ONLY for Secondary school teachers or trainees mainly in the UK. This is a closed group to protect the conversations within the food teaching community only.  Once you have requested to join we will send you a message and ask that you confirm the current school you work in and we will check that this matches our records. Please check your ‘other’ inbox folder, as this message may go there if you have a secure account.

How to find your Inbox ‘Message Requests’ folder;

Once cleared to join the group you accept our guidelines of participation, in the rare case that these are breached, the administrators can remove you form the group temporarily or permanently.




We share resources, ideas and discuss issues. As professional group, it works best when we:

– Give as much as we take and help others where we can – Direct message individuals if you need something and do not post your email address, we call this PM (personal message)

– Recommend resources without using this as a platform for selling – Only upload your work -Check that you have permission and copyright

– Upload links and documents with a KEY WORD title (not ‘Doc 1’). Posts that are links, photos and documents with no introductory HUMAN words, will be removed due to risk on SPAM

– Do not criticise others (parents, pupils, staff) or any school. Behave professionally at all times, for the benefit of the group, and to protect your own reputation

– Do not post identifiable pupils work (remove name labels) – Operate with due regard for exam regulations (especially pre-release material embargoes)

– Check ‘Files’ and ‘Events’ uploaded (to see these tabs use a computer, not a mobile device)

– Invite other food teachers to join us (seek their permission first!) and remind them to check in their Inbox ‘Message Requests’ folder for a message from us so that the requests don’t get blocked up.