Food Technician Toolkit and Training Room 2020 (On-Line)


May 4 - 06:00 am


October 29 - 09:00 am

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Food Teachers Centre (Founder Louise Davies)


Food Technician Toolkit and Training Room

Join like-minded Secondary FOOD TECHNICIANS for this online training to share best practice, top tips and great ideas when working in the food room.


How does on-line training work?

1. Your school signs up and pays for the training in advance. When registering for the training, please ensure that your school enters their details as the BUYER, but the Technician details and a direct email address under REGISTRATION: NAMED TECHNICIAN TICKET

2. You can start the training course at any time, and you can also take a break in the training by letting the tutor know.  Access to the training room is usually limited to a school year, but may be extended if requested.

3. Participation on the training requires internet connection and a Facebook account.  You can access the training on a mobile device, tablet or computer.  No other IT knowledge is required.

4. Your tutor will email the Technician the details of how to gain admission to our on-line training room.

5. Once inside the training room, you will be provided with a structured training course, an opportunity to ask questions, see videos, join tutorials, discuss issues, share queries and ideas with other trainees, and dedicated tutors.

6. Your tutor will be monitoring your prgress through the units,  as you mark them as ‘done’, and as you upload work that is required to fulfill the course. They will also check to see how you are doing from time to time.  You can message them privately or post any queries in the group

7. On completion of the training, you will receive a certificate of participation for your professional portfolio


An overview of the training

This course is approximately 6-8 hours long depending on the experience and background of the Technician.

The training is design for you to work at your own pace. There are 6 units of work each will take about 30 – 40 minutes. Each unit is divided into smaller activities which can be viewed on a phone, tablet or computer.  You can participate anywhere that you have an internet connection and a facebook account.  Each unit has a video presentation to watch and some structured learning activities directly related to the modern role of a food technician.

All the resources that you will need for the course are available via the online training room.


Why we have introduced this training for Technicians

Food is now compulsory from key stage 1-3 national curriculum and from 2016 the new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition is available for all schools.

Since September 2015, Ofsted are focusing upon how well-being, health and healthy eating are taught throughout the school. Inspectors will consider the breadth and balance of the curriculum under “leadership and management”, of which practical cookery is now a part. As it’s an “extremely important area” inspectors will assess if pupils develop knowledge of a good diet and useful practical food skills.

In order to support secondary schools, we are providing online training for food technicians and support staff, with support from a Food Teachers Centre Associate.


What the training looks like


Technician Toolkit Programme : Contents



Taught Topic

Assessed evidence of knowledge and skills.

Support from your course mentor

Session 1


Technician Toolkit Introductory Presentation

9 mins video

Welcome to the course

  • Where and I now?

  • Day in the Life

20 mins activities

Your course mentor will contact you and plan your personal learning journey

       Week by week


Target completion date.

Session 2


Technician Toolkit Health and Safety

5 mins video

Health & Safety is crucial, Technician focused activities:

  • Critical control points

  • Risk assessments


  • Allergens

30 mins activities

Your course mentor is on hand to support you through your Health and Safety activities.

Session 3


Technician Toolkit Skills

3 mins video

Technician focused activities:

  • Food Skills

  • Food preparation and the cooking process

  • Use of Ingredients

  • Skills checklist

15 mins activities

Your course mentor is on hand to support you through your Skills Checklist activity.

Session 4


Technician Toolkit Managing a Food Room

3 mins video

Technician focused activities:

  • The role of a technician

  • Food room checklist

  • Equipment checks

20 mins activities

Your course mentor is on hand to support you through your activities.

Session 5


Technician Toolkit KS3

4 mins video

Technician focused activities:

  • Demonstrations

  • Sensory testing

20 mins activities

Your course mentor will provide you with feedback on your KS3 activities

Session 6

Technician Toolkit KS4

Technician focused activities:

  • NEA 1

  • NEA 2

30 mins activities

Your course mentor will provide you with feedback on your KS4 activities



Benefits of the training

  • Develop awareness of the role of the Technician / TA in a practical food area.

  • Provide useful and up-to-date information to enable that the correct procedures are followed, and quality teaching is maintained.

  • Provide an opportunity for personal reflection in order to ultimately support teaching staff and students as effectively as possible.


What Technicians say about their day:

“The course excelled in covering Health and Safety and the new Food and Nutrition requirements. I was also very impressed with the presentation pack to refer to later.”

“It was a really useful event meeting others in the same position as oneself. The course was very informative and will help me a lot in the near future.”


If you have any questions before starting this course, please feel free to contact the Course Leader