NEA Together and Revision (On -Line training room)


November 21 - 05:00 pm


June 30 - 06:00 pm

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Food Teachers Centre (Founder Louise Davies)

How to prepare for and carry out NEA 1 and 2. How to mark and moderate NEA. How to prepare for papers. Run revision sessions for exams.

What is NEA Together Training?

Our 2021 on-line training room has all LIVE SPRING AND SUMMER TERM MEETINGS PLUS the training videos that we used in 2017-19 meetings on how to prepare yourself and candidates for NEA, how to carry it out, and mark and moderate NEA.

Plus the training is full of ideas for revision for the written paper and further presentations will be added ready for the unique circumstances of 2021.

Exam Board specific sessions will be confirmed after the consultation and OFQUAL report, expected after 22nd Feb

What does NEA Together Training include?

There are 10 training units to choose from: all at your own pace, unlimited access


1. Welcome and Introduction

2. Planning and Preparing for NEA1 (Food Science)

3. Advice on Preparing for the 2019-20 NEA1 tasks

4. LIVE Q&A on 2019-20 tasks

5. Planning and Preparing for NEA 2 (Practical Skills)

6. NEA2 Tasks for 20-21 AQA Tasks and Tips

7. NEA2 Tasks for 20-21 EDUQAS Tasks and Tips

8. NEA2 Tasks for 20-21 OCR Tasks and Tips

9.. Giving Generic Feedback

10. Marking and Moderating NEA 1 (Food Science)

11. Marking and Moderating NEA 2 (Practical Skills)

12. Using NEA Marking to improve teaching in 2020

13. Written Paper: Creating a Revision Plan and Revision Strategies

14. Written Paper : Command Words and High Mark Questions

15. Certificate of Completion

Each Unit has a video presentation, useful handouts to download, hundreds of ideas and activities as if you were in the training room with us, an opportunity to ask questions and links all in one place to everything that we recommend and you will find useful, to make this a lifesaver – all in one place.

Join our May 2021 NEA TOGETHER TAG meetings

Are you working alone? Need to moderate and discuss your evidence for Teacher Assessed Grades this year?

Join a virtual session hosted by members of the Food Teachers Centre Ambassadors and Associates team.

• The events are available on different days either as a twilight or in the evening (except two Saturday sessions) to make them as accessible as possible. Some events are specific to an Awarding Organisation and there are two which are more general and will cover aspects related to all.

• There will be opportunity to review the teacher assessment process, discuss and ask questions and to make connections with other teachers to enable moderation to continue locally to confirm judgements.

• To join the event: access through NEA Together training room (Guide 12) or book through Eventbrite and then join the NEA Together training room.


• AQA Weds 5th May 4-5pm on Zoom

• All boards Thurs 6th May 4.30-5.30pm on Newrow

• AQA Mon 10th May 4.30-5.30pm on Facebook Messenger Room

• AQA Tues 11th May 4-5pm on Zoom

• EDUQAS Weds 12th May 6.30-7.30pm on Google Meet

• AQA Thurs 13th May 4-5pm on Google Meet

• WJEC H&C Thurs 13th May 4-5pm (also available to those in the H&C On Line training room) on Google Meet

• All boards Fri 14th May 4-5pm on Zoom

• All boards Sat 15th May 10.30 – 11.30 on Facebook Messenger Room

• EDUQAS Tues 18th May 6.30-7.30 on Google Meet

• AQA Sat 22nd May 11am-12pm on Newrow

*Number limits apply to platforms


To attend any of the meetings in MAY, simply BOOK the on-line training (you get one year of membership) through Eventbrite and then join the NEA Together training room. You will find the choice of meetings in GUIDE 12 or the EVENTS menu.

This is a £20 DONATION for ONE YEAR of training.

How do I access the training?

To access the training room you will need a Facebook account and access to the internet. The training can be accessed on a mobile device, tablet or computer.

Reviews from our teachers

Jordi Major

I have found some really useful resources – including presentations from Jaqui on things to check when marking the NEAs and the evidence which the moderators want to have clearly marked. If you haven’t been to any of the NEA – Together events, then this could be a really good option for you. It’s pretty budget friendly at £20 as well.

Ben Taylor

Wonderful resources – the best CPD I have had in 13 years of teaching.

I have been teaching for 13 years and although trained to teach DT would not exactly describe myself as a food specialist. I completed NEA1 and NEA2 (Eduqas) with a small cohort of 11 students at my last school, the process was exciting, and the students did an excellent job, but I often felt confused and unsure of specific details or protocol. Fortunately, my colleague was available to support, but if I had had gone through these training resources before, I would have felt much more confident and would have been able to progress with the group far more independently.

When accessing the training resources a real focus for me was the revision section. I loved watching the high-quality videos and the recommendations, tips and strategies on offer were fantastic. My only problem was scribbling all the info down as the presenter of the video went through it.

It is the first time that anyone has ever deconstructed the act of revision and actually shared an effective way of doing it. It was a total revelation to me – as were some of the very high-tech methods of learning and assessing ie the VR code testing.

From a general food teaching point of view one of the seriously amazing strengths of this training are the food science videos both the links & recommendations and the in-house videos explaining key concepts.

Emma Fenn

I’ve used the NEA Training and Revision videos over Easter to help with marking and preparing for next term. They have been very helpful to someone who couldn’t get to the training. I particularly like the range of revision ideas. I plan to use these with my class in the remaining few weeks before their exam. It is really useful information, especially if it’s your first time running one of the GCSE courses.

Louise Glover

I have been using the training room, full of training videos for the last week or so. I have found it really useful as I struggle to get out to training events and there is only me teaching Food in my school, so I don’t really have anyone to bounce ideas off or speak to for advice.

The training room has a wealth of different videos, specifically to help NEA 1 and 2, plus exam preparation. There is also a lot of detailed videos to help with the scientific principles of the specification, which is perfect for those who aren’t as confident in teaching them.

I have been using the group on my mobile mostly and it is easy to navigate and all videos can be viewed on this platform.

I fully recommend it and I will continue to explore when I am preparing for the next academic year.

Karen Ryder

I have to say it’s a brilliant resource. It’s very easy to navigate around the site & dip in and out of the sections that you want to use. Lots of excellent resources, especially for NEA 1. Some I’ve used before, but others were new to me, so will definitely be going back to them. Also, a range of resources for NEA 2 & an interesting video on presentation skills. I’m sure none of us like paying money out, but I think £20 is worth it, especially to have all the resources in one place.

Donation minimum £20 please

We ask for a minimum donation of £20 to help us cover the costs of video production, emailing and setting up the on-line training room and managing the tickets. Please enter £20 when booking and ensure that the attendee details ‘named teacher ticket’ are for the teacher who wishes to access the on-line training.