Teaching for Higher NEA2 Grades (On Line training room)


May 25 - 05:30 pm


May 25 - 04:30 pm

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Food Teachers Centre (Founder Louise Davies)

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An online GCSE solution that supports teachers and students with high quality content for higher NEA2 assessments grades

An online GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition solution that supports teachers and students with high quality content for higher NEA2 assessments grades.

The online package combines professional tailor-made teacher CPD training on how to teach for higher grades together with a series of video resources and recipes leading students through all the food preparation and cooking techniques required for higher NEA2 assessment grades.

No practical’s, no problem….

Rolling tutorial skill videos for students are perfect for classroom teaching, there will also be rolling practical classroom broadcasts from the food practical classes in a school again perfect for non-practical classroom teaching, plus step-by-step recipe cards for students to follow and cook along at home for engaging home learning activities.


Regular one-to-one online training support sessions.

Teaching for Higher NEA2 Grades Overview:

• A proven approach from experienced teachers to help your students succeed at the highest possible level

• Practical strategies and easy to use learning activities to create a high challenge classroom

• High impact ideas, resources that engage and focus learning, hands on approaches that challenge and extend

• Plain and simple planning, with a busy teacher’s toolkit to help progress and maximize marks in the time available

Practical ideas to help with teaching and assessment

Full Contents List of Units

This course includes 14 on-line learning units that includes recorded presentations, handouts, teaching resources, example schemes, and example assessed student work.

Your learning journey can be developed with all of these units or pick and mix to suit.

UNIT 1: Preparation and Planning in advance for NEA2

Schemes, resources, links etc

UNIT 2: Teach – Develop Technical Skills – SAUCE

High-level practical skills: Enable students to showcase what they can do with a wide range of complex technical skills (making 2 to 3 dishes) using the correct equipment with precision and accuracy. The skills and dishes will be relevant to the title task, but different to those used in the final menu.

Video: Sauce Intro Roux/Velouté/Béchamel (Skill 8), Reduction sauce (Skill 1 & 8), Emulsion sauce (Skill 8)

Video: Sauce Masterclass

Skill Progression: Cheese sauce using the roux method, Infused velouté sauce using the roux method Video: Sauce Teacher and Student Guidance – Class Teaching

Video: Sauce Teacher and Student Guidance – Class Teaching

UNIT 3: Teach – Develop Technical Skills – BREAD

Video: Bread Intro: Making a dough (Skill 10), Glazing and finishing (Skill 1 & 10), Biological raising agent (Skill 11), Flour (Skill 1), Baking (Skill 4)

Video: Bread Masterclass

Skill Progression: Flat bread, Bread roll with basic shaping and finishing, Focaccia bread, Bread plait: freshly made with flavouring and good shaping and finishing, Enriched dough: Chelsea buns.

Video: Bread Teacher and Student Guidance – Class Teaching

UNIT 4: Teach – Develop Technical Skills – PASTRY

Video: Pastry Intro: Piping (Skill 3),Making a dough (Skill 10),Roll out pastry (Skill 10), Line a tin (Skill 1 & 10), Create layers (Skill 10), Glazing and finishing (Skill 1 & 10), Steam as a raising agent (Skill 11), Baking (Skill 4)

Video: Pastry Masterclass

Skill Progressions: Apple pie with freshly made basic shortcrust pastry. Apple tart with freshly made sweet pastry. Rough Puff Pastry – Sausage rolls, Choux Pastry: profiteroles & Gougere.

Video: Pastry Teacher and Student Guidance – Class Teaching

UNIT 5: Teach – Develop Technical Skills – PASTA

Video: Pasta Intro – Making a dough (Skill 10)

– Using a Pasta Machine (Skill 5 & 10)

Video: Pasta Masterclass

Skill Progression:

Spaghetti/linguine/tagliatelle/pappardelle/lasagne sheets from freshly made pasta.

Stuffed and shaped pasta: Tortellini, Cannelloni and Ravioli

Lasagne with freshly made pasta and béchamel sauce

Video: Pasta Teacher and Student Guidance – Class Teaching

UNIT 6: Teach – Develop Technical Skills – MEAT & FISH

Video: Meat -Portioning chicken & pheasant (Skill 2)

– Marinades (Skill 9)

– Roast/Casserole/Tagine/Braising/Grill (Skill 4)

Video: Meat Masterclass

Skill Progressions:

Curry jointing and portioning poultry making a masala sauce

Video: Chicken escalope, jointing poultry, shaping enrobing

Video: Pheasant breast bruschetta – jointing, portioning & skinning combining skills

– Test of readiness (Skill 1)

Video: Fish – filleting and portioning round and flat fish (Skill 2)

Video: Fish – Luxury fish Finger sandwich –filleting plaice, portioning, enrobing combining skills

Video: Fish – Pan fried mackerel – filleting, portioning pan frying & presentation

Video: Meat & Fish Teacher and Student Guidance – Class Teaching

UNIT 7: Group Skill Combinations:

A variety of high-level skills combined to produce dishes to achieve higher grade boundaries

Video: Skill Combination Masterclasses

Handouts Picture Step-by-Step Recipes

UNIT 8: Excellent presentation skills

Each dish will be accurately presented and garnished and decorated to an excellent standard using a wide range of finishing techniques.

Presentation – Knife Skills – Fruit and Vegetables (Skill 2)

– Preparing – Fruit and vegetables (Skill 3)

– Food Styling – Presenting and finishing (Skill 1)

Video: Presentation Masterclasses

Video: Presentation Teacher and Student Guidance – Class Teaching

UNIT 9: Teach – Research

Analyse the task:

Enable students to explain the research requirements.

Research and plan dishes:

Enable students to carry out relevant research and analysis related to the: life stage, dietary group or culinary brief.

• Primary research from labels, buying patterns, questionnaires or interviews.

• Secondary research from textbooks and websites.

Select and justify dishes:

Enable students to identify a range of dishes (eg by mind-mapping, or using annotated images) and select and justify a range of technical skills (6-8) to be used in the making of different dishes for your final menu.

Video: Research Teacher and Student Guidance

UNIT 10: Teach – Evaluation of the Technical Skills

Enable students to evaluate their first trial dishes to showcase a range of technical skills, listing the ingredients, the reasons for choice, and with photos, students complete a sensory analysis for the dishes, conclusions and evaluations to determine the dishes for the final menu.

Video: Evaluation of the Technical Skills Teacher and Student Guidance

UNIT 11: Teach – Planning for the Final Menu

Justification for choice of final menu:

Enable students to review technical skill dishes and explain choices for the final menu for the controlled practical examination and why these recipes are relevant to the task (including skills, nutrition, ingredients, cooking methods, food provenance, sensory properties and portion size). The dishes need to be different to the exact dishes made for demonstration of skills, but they must be linked by skill and to the task.

Time plan of final menu:

Enable students to complete a time plan to include accurate dovetailing reference to food safety (demonstrating storing, preparing, cooking) and reference to presenting the final dishes.

Video: Planning for the Final Menu Teacher and Student Guidance – Class Teaching

UNIT 12: Teach – Making for the Final Menu

Evidencing students demonstrating a wide range of complex technical skills learnt using the correct equipment with precision and accuracy.

How to teach students to follow a time plan using the correct sequence and show excellent food safety principles.

Video: Making for the Final Menu Teacher and Student Guidance

UNIT 13: Teach – Analysis and Evaluation of the Final Menu

• Sensory Analysis

• Nutritional Analysis

• Costing

UNIT 14: Marking and Moderating NEA

Video: A simple guide to marking and moderating NEA 2 to help identify and highlight where marks are awarded for justification to the moderator

What do you need to gain access to the training room?

To access the training room you will need a Facebook account and access to the internet. The training can be followed on a mobile device, tablet or computer.

Full access for one year for live presentations and Q&A

Our on-line training also includes LIVE THURSDAY SESSIONS at 8pm

These ‘standalone’ CPD evenings consist of a live presentation along with a PowerPoint full of information on how you could deliver each unit to the highest level, together with lots of teacher’s tips maximise the potential of your students, as well as a question and answer session to end.

• Introduction to Teaching Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 7 October 2021

• Preparation and Planning for Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 14 October 2021

• Sauce Technical Skills for Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 21 October 2021

• Bread Technical Skills for Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 11 November 2021

• Pastry Technical Skills for Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 25 November 2021

• Pasta Technical Skills for Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 23 November 2021

• Meat & Fish Technical Skills for Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 2 December 2021

• Presentation Skills for Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 9 December 2021

• Research for Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 16 December 2021

• Evaluation of Technical Skills/Trials for Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 13 January 2022

• Final Menu Planning for Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 20 January 2022

• Practical Making for Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 27 January 2022

• Analysis and Evaluation for Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 3 February 2022

• Marking and Moderation for Higher NEA2 Grades: Thursday, 10 February 2022

Your course tutors and presenters

Your Presenter: Joe Mann

Joe Mann is winner of British Nutrition Foundation 2020 Education Award for championing food and nutrition education and a past winner of Teacher of the Year and the award for Best School Food in Devon, alongside food teaching he established the Fun Kitchen cookery provision in response to students’ demands for extra fun hands-on cookery classes. In addition, he has taught cookery in primary schools, hosted community and corporate cookery workshops and demonstrated at food shows and festivals and has been Finalist and Highly Commended for The Best Small Cookery School at the British Cookery School Awards. He has also partnered with the Growing Devon Schools Partnership focussing on learning about food beyond the classroom and been a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador and Wellcome Trust food education Crunch Ambassador.

Joe has developed resource materials for primary and secondary schools, including a series of films for the Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE for the awarding examining body AQA. He has also presented a series of films for both GCSE and KS3 for Hodder Education. He is Head of Food at the Ofsted Outstanding, South West State Secondary School of the Year in Devon where he continues to teach both KS3 and KS4.

Together with Simon Gray he has regularly delivered teacher training CPD’s across the UK teaching effective skills and knowledge required to deliver outstanding food teaching in schools for many years for Food Teachers Centre (as well as teacher training for education providers like Hodder Education).

Your Presenter: Simon Gray

Simon Gray is an experienced food teacher with over 15 years of classroom practice. He has led a highly successful food department and is a former ‘License to Cook’ Advanced Lead practitioner.

A qualified chef and manager Simon has worked outside teaching in the Hospitality & Catering sector in Events management, Retail Catering and Hospitality. He is equally at home at both craft and senior management level and has led large teams at both prestigious events and branded food operations.

He’s also an experienced exam board examiner and moderator for catering and other food related GCSE & vocational qualifications. He was part of the project team for School Food Champions programme where he led a project of designing and making healthier school lunches.

Simon is an experienced trainer, he has developed and facilitated Continual Professional Development teacher training for specialist, non-specialist and newly qualified food teachers. His ‘hands on’ training sessions to enhance teachers’ practical skills have been well received in the UK and as far away as Hong Kong.

Simon leads the practical element of the Game Changer programme in association with the Taste of Game A project to teach 60,000 students to cook game by 2020. The initiative offers focused training for food teachers on how to introduce, prepare and cook game meat in the classroom as well as targeted student game cookery master classes within schools to model best practice with teachers in their working environment.

Simon also leads and manages the practical elements of the ground breaking Fish In Schools Hero programme, liaising with industry and craft professionals with the aim to bring affordable fish into the classroom and equip teachers with the tools they need to teach students all about fish.

In addition, Simon also runs a ‘Pop Up’ cookery school where he regularly teaches cookery skills in primary schools and at county agricultural shows. He hosts community and corporate cookery workshops and demonstrates at food shows and festivals throughout the UK

What teachers say about the course

Kirsty Mc Donald

“A massive vote of thanks and relief!!

I had a great training experience with Joe Mann and Simon Gray in the training room on Facebook, learning how to reach those higher grades for NEA2. (all exam boards covered)

I am at the beginning of my journey to learn lots and lots (and I can come back to the units and resources, even a year from now) on how to get students not only into great habits, but learn what a higher skill looks like. There are lots of exemplars and resources shared in the room, all aimed at raising attainment allowing students to access those higher grades”

Aine Maire Ni Chonghaile

“Thank you to Simon Gray and Joe Mann for hosting this workshop on presentation and planning. It feels great to be more organised and thinking of things in advance rather than in the build up to the exams. This is a fantastic resource to have available, thank you once again”