Digital Ticket Food that Works – Vocational KS4 (London-post 2017 event)

Digital Ticket for FOOD THAT WORKS!

Focusing on new vocational courses –

VCert, Level1/2 Vocational Awards

Based on presentations and live video recordings made on 7th July 2017 access to the digital ticket will give you a better understanding of the vocational alternatives to GCSE courses – what is available, how it is measured in Progress 8, which course is suitable for your school and students and how to plan and teach it.


Presentations to be recorded

1. The Vocational Pathway(Louise Davies, Founder Food Teachers Centre)

– overview, what are Technical Awards and who are they for?

– Progress 8, choosing from the options, teaching alongside GCSE, why the vocational route is not ‘easier’, resourcing a vocational course

2. New accredited alternatives to GCSE for Food 14-16 and beyond

NCFE Level 1 / 2 Food and Cookery VCERT (Caroline Gallagher and Pauline Bland, NCFE)

EDUCAS/WJEC Level 1 / 2 Hospitality and Catering (Fiona Graham, EDUCAS/WJEC)

City and Guilds Level 2 Technical Award in Cookery and Service for the Hospitality Industry (Jason Benn, City and Guilds

BTEC (Melanie Williams Browne, Subject Advisor for Skills Qualifications, Pearson)


PLEASE NOTE the AQA Technical Award was not accredited

3. Why these qualifications are important for the industry. Resourcing vocational pathways with support from the sector (Springboard Futurechef programme) 

4. Where can students go after Level 1 and 2?Courses available, career opportunities and prospects, open days and encouraging parents and schools 

Handouts and presentations on Planning and teaching vocational pathways

  • NCFE Level 1 / 2 Food and Cookery VCERT (Caroline Gallagher and Pauline Bland, NCFE)
  • EDUCAS/WJEC Level 1 / 2 Hospitality and Catering (Fiona Graham, EDUCAS/WJEC)
  • City and Guilds Level 2 Technical Award in Cookery and Service for the Hospitality Industry (Jason Benn, City and Guilds)


This ticket provides access to view the video recordings and/or powerpoint presentations for all the keynote speakers and exam board workshops.


It also provides narrated or powerpoint presentations from workshops, and copies of handouts that were used in the workshop sessions.  Plus many additonal helpful background documents.


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You will receive on-line access to a digital folder with all the presentations, useful handouts and resources.

Please be patient, Some presenters will be able to share their work quickly after the event on July 7th, and others will need more time to review edited footage and get this approved by their organisation, so some presentations may not be available until the end of term.

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About the Food Teachers Centre 

FOOD TEACHER CENTRE is a UK based self-help group founded by Louise T Davies in 2013 and supported by experienced associates. It provides a platform to exchange best practice, give advice and support to less experienced teachers, answering practical concerns and keeping them abreast of the latest curriculum changes. A one-stop shop for like-minded professionals who seek help and information. It is free to take part and is facilitated through a closed on-line group, safeguarding the conversations of the teaching staff.

The idea of a ‘Teacher’s Centre’ is a response to the lack of local and national specialist support and diminishing Continuing Professional Development with the demise of local authority advisers ASTs, lead practitioners and supporting organisations.

The Centre utilises new technologies, not requiring a physical space in new times, but providing the same high quality service that our traditional teachers centres were recognised for.

The Food Teachers Centre is a place of

  • creative and innovative ideas and action

  • practical solutions

  • learning and sharing

To join the closed group, simply visit


Bright Ideas Food and Health Consulting Ltd  Registered Office 69-71 East Street Epsom Surrey KT17 1BP   

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