Digital Ticket Get Set for GCSE (Birmingham post event)

‘Digital Ticket’


Get Set for GCSE

Based on presentations and live video recordings made on  


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This ticket provides access to view the video recordings and/or powerpoint presentations for all the keynote speakers and exam board workshops.


It also provides narrated or powerpoint presentations from workshops, and copies of handouts that were used in the workshop sessions.  Plus many additonal helpful background documents.




Video Recordings and/or Powerpoint presentations included:

1. Keynote Speaker: Diana Choulerton, HMI, National Subject Lead for D&T, OFSTED

Diana Choulerton - OFSTED

2. Opening Speakers:  Plan for the FutureFood & Textiles Teaching :

Louise Davies (Food Teachers Centre) and Dawn Foxall (Textiles Skills Academy). 

New D&T and Food GCSEs and Progress 8!  Never have food and textiles teachers faced such an array of new challenges and opportunities!  How will you know you are getting it right in your school?  We find ourselves sitting in the third bucket, competing with every other creative and vocational option. With a decline in numbers and funding for D&T we need to understand the wider scene and prove that our lessons are relevant, vibrant, and essential for EVERY child. This event equips you with ideas to secure a better future for your subject at school, by linking in the key government drivers and skills that future employers value.  

3. GCSE workshops from each exam board to guide you through NEA 1 & 2 (Food Preparation and Nutrition): 

– understand the new assessment for 2017-18

– clarify NEA requirements, moderation and marking

– prepare your students for best results, support all learners

 Exam Boards update


Three workshop presentations:

a) AQA (Jane Waters, Senior Examiner) 

b) EDUCAS-WJEC (Fiona Grahamteam leader for moderation and team leader for the written exam) 

c) OCR (Gill Taylor, Subject Advisor – Food, and Anita Hardy, Principal Moderator)


4. Simple powerpoint presentations or narrated powerpoint presentations for the food workshops:


a) Higher Level Practical Skills and preparing for Success in NEA 2 (with Simon Gray)

b) Risk Assessments for new equipment, unqualified staff teaching food, increasing class sizes and rooms used for non-food activities (with Barbara Rathmill)

c) Success in NEA 1 and easy resources for exciting STEM activities (with Julie Messenger)

d) ‘RM EAT’ Food and Fitness (Mike Beaton, Commando Training Centre Royal Marines

Food Teachers Centre workshops


5. Textiles Workshops from the exam boards:
Simple powerpoint presentations or narrated powerpoint presentations for textiles workshops:

    • AQA – Pauline Treuherz, Senior Examiner 
    • Pearson Edexcel – Barry Lambert
    • Exam boards Update Textiles

6. Simple powerpoint presentations or narrated powerpoint presentations for textiles workshops:

a)  Lasers with Textiles (Techsoft) – Practise 2D Design software with the experts.

b)  Exploring Contextual Ideas for Teaching Textiles GCSE & A Level (Nicky Simpson)

c)  Introduction to Pattern Drafting for KS3/4 (Dawn Foxall) 

Textiles Skills Academy event



Terms and Conditions


1.These recordings, powerpoints and documents are copyrighted
2.Recordings are only for access and viewing by purchasing school and individual only, and should not be passed on in any format, or posted to any forums/on-line media without permission
3.Please do not pass on the Digital Folder link to additional users, only registered email addresses will be able to access the files
4.Recordings are strictly for non-commercial use, and are not to be used for any other purpose without prior permission
5.Once downloaded and saved to your computer, these files are all still copyrighted as above., your purchase is for access and viewing only
6.Please adhere to the Dropbox terms and conditions on copyrighted material




COSTS & BOOKINGS (Via Eventbrite):    £20 +VAT


You will receive on-line access to a digital folder with all the presentations, useful handouts and resources.

This digital folder will stay live for up to 12 months and you can access it as many times as you like. If you download to your own PC you will have all the information and training at your fingertips.

Please be patient, Some presenters will be able to share their work quickly after the event on June 24th, and others will need more time to review edited footage and get this approved by their organisation, so some presentations may not be available until the end of term.

A few schools do block access to Dropbox, so if you have trouble with this, then check with IT support or try from a non school computer/network.

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The idea of a ‘Teacher’s Centre’ is a response to the lack of local and national specialist support and diminishing Continuing Professional Development with the demise of local authority advisers ASTs, lead practitioners and supporting organisations.

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