Digital Ticket NEA-Together V2 (On-Line Training Room)

Digital ticket for NEA-Together V2 for access on-line training room

Contains 9 video presentations – to watch TODAY

Only £20 donation

Food Teachers Centre Community runs face to face meetings around the country to help with NEA launches and preparation, GCSE marking, moderation and ideas for effective revision for the written exam. This covers ALL GCSE BOARDS.  Not all teachers can attend the meetings so this digital ticket provides you access to the meeting videos and handouts.

CONTENTS NEA-Together videos and handouts

You will receive an internet link with unlimited access to the folder which contains:

Three presentations for NEA 1 (2019 cohort)

1. Video presentation on reviewing the results and the planned tasks for 2019

2. Video presentation on maximising your NEA 1 marks

3. Guide to Revision 2019 (added March 2019)

 Six Presentations from 2017-18 including

1. Introducing NEA 1 (video)

2. Giving generic feedback (powerpoint)

3. Marking NEA 1 (video)

4. Preparing for NEA 2 (video)

5. Marking and moderating NEA 2 (video)

6. Revision techniques and strategies (video)


We ask for a minimum donation of £20 to help us cover the costs of video production, emailing and setting up the tickets.   Please enter £20 when booking and ensure that the attendee details ‘named teacher ticket’ are for the teacher who wishes to access the videos.

NEA-Together Booking and Costs £20

A minimum donation of £20 (plus Eventbrite booking fee £2.15) will be requested to cover any costs, such as presentation production and managing the booking system.