Express Interest: Royal Marines EAT 2019







One of the fundamental tenets of the Royal Marine Recruiting strategy is to improve, maintain and develop access into the University/College/School Community thus creating opportunities to impart information about RN/RM careers opportunities to our target audience. Quite clearly, in an ever more challenging recruiting environment, close interaction with students is essential and contributing to the educational programme through the development of “life skills” and career awareness this should develop a more positive and closer relationship between the Royal Navy/Royal Marines, the students and lectures alike.


Royal Marine – EAT is seen as a “First Contact Awareness Team”. The goal of the RM – EAT is to provide an avenue for students to participate in and establish lifetime health and fitness habits and goals. The team has opted for two prong strategy which involves food and nutrition workshops and team building physical education.

The age demographic of the students could be from 15-24 years old.



All activities are covered by Health and Risk Assessments.

All activities are completely self supported by us the RN/RM.

All activities are completely free.

Contact – CSgt Mike Beaton – 07990 796304






A self motivated, determined, enthusiastic Royal Marine who has served around the globe since 1988 bring peace to our world. Operational tours of duty include


serving on the grim sectarian streets of Northern Ireland, to the hot humid evil jungles of Serra Leona, I have faced many tasks as a serving marine. One of the highlights in my 26 years of service was being in a privileged position to take young men through Royal Marine Training which is known through out the world to be the toughest most extreme basic training there is.


During my time in Commando units I found myself indulging in endurance sport, this then became a hobby which grew out of control.


Seven G.B. vests have been worn at the World Long Course Triathlon Championships, from Japan to Denmark, Switzerland to France and all this has been achieved whilst on tours of duty within the Royal Marines. Ten Ironman’s later is now time to really challenge myself and this was achieved at the Double Ironman World Championships USA. Swim 5 miles, Bike 224 miles and finish with a double marathon all done back to back. First out of the water, a long day in the saddle saw me now in 10th position I battled back while hallucinating during the run to clinch 3rd place in a time of 28hrs.


Six months later and swearing blind I would never do another endurance event I was on the start line for the Verdon Gorge 3 day multi run in South of France. In extreme heat but with stunning scenery and at times climbing on all fours out of the gorge I achieved 9th position after 100miles.


Not just a Royal Marine but also a Royal Marine chef, who at present is educating today’s young men and woman to cook and eat healthily so that they can fulfil the dream that they chase.


Winner of Corp Sportsman of the year, runner up in South West Sportsman of the year this all comes second best to Operational tours as a marine, my wife and two young boys.