Food Safety in Classrooms (On-Line April to Oct 2019 start)

 Food Safety in Classrooms ON-LINE

Our ON-LINE flexible learning course includes award of Level 2 Food Safety (City and Guilds/HABC) and accreditation for the national recognised framework for food teaching standards 9.1-9.6 ‘Implementing good hygiene and safety’.

ONLY £120 +VAT for full accreditation, VAT receipt will be e-mailed to you with your ticket.

‘Food teaching in secondary schools: A framework of knowledge and skills’ (2015 Public Health England, British Nutrition Foundation and Department for Education).Available  Here

Who is this on-line course for?

This on-line course is designed for all who teach and support in food activities in school. This includes teachers, technicians, teaching assistants / higher level teaching assistants. trainee teachers, special needs support staff and cookery club leaders.  Everyone who works with food has a special responsibility for safeguarding the health and well-being of their learners.


To ensure the food we make, serve and sell as part of our food curriculum in safe to eat.


  • To understand the terminology related to food safety and realise it’s importance
  • To gain knowledge of the systems, techniques and procedures involved in food safety.
  • To realise the importance of strict time and temperature controls when dealing with food
  • To understand the concept of food hazards and how the risk of food poisoning can be contained.
  • To be aware of the importance of good personal hygiene and the role of cleaning in preventing food contamination.
  • To understand the need for high standards of structure and equipment in food premises
  • To understand, plan and apply the standards for teaching food that relate to food safety.

Why do we recommend this on-line course and not just a level 2  certificate?

This flexible learning on-line course leads to a Level 2 Food Safety certificate but offers much more for practising food teachers and support staff.  The flexible learning course is delivered by experienced food teachers, so instead of a generic course about ‘Food Safety in Catering’ the content is delivered in the school context. It includes essential planning and teaching information, risk assessment and other documentation relating to safe working practices. It explains food hygiene and safety, personal hygiene and safety related directly to classroom practice.

Through a modular approach of on-line short recorded presentations, school focused activities, on-line support and live on-line Skype group discussions you will:

  • Share good practice to ensure a high standard of food safety and hygiene in the classroom
  • Gain confidence to work safely with pupils when delivering food activities
  • Implement safe working practices, develop risk assessments and documentation


How does an on-line flexible learning programme run?

You can take the course at your own pace.  There are 9 sessions and the assessment. Taught content and follow up classroom activities take about 8 hours to complete.  You can complete the programme:

  • Week by week: For example, you can do one session a week for 8- 9 weeks.
  • Intensive:  For example, you can do all or most sessions over a weekend or half term.

As you begin, the course leader will get in touch and plan with you how you want to approach the programme. There is no time limit on completion of the course.  You can slow down and speed up to fit with the ebb and flow of the pressures of the teaching year. Less experienced teachers or those setting up safety systems from scratch may take longer than those simply refreshing and reviewing.

You have one academic year from booking to complete your course, your progress will then be archived.  You can ask for permission to extend this if you need to and if we can accommodate this.

On-line Course support

During the on-line course, you be invited to discuss key questions or issues with your course leader by email. You will also receive feedback and advice on activities that you are given to check your knowledge and skills.  


Taught Topic

Assessed evidence* of knowledge and skills.

Support from your course leader

On sign up

30 mins

Introductory Presentation

Welcome to the course

Your course leader will contact you and plan your personal learning journey


Session 1


Presentation – Keeping Food safe

(video -12 minutes)

Food teaching focused activities: Make sure ingredients and food provided in school is safe:


Email feedback /Discussion 1


Session 2

25 mins

Presentation – Hazards

(video – 13 minutes)

Food teaching focused activities: Review your food teaching room for the 4 hazards.

Your course leader will be available for any questions or issues on Hazards


Session 3a

30 mins

Presentation – Food Poisoning

(video – 8 minutes)

Food teaching focused activities: Use on-line information provided review your knowledge of Food Poisoning

Your course leader will be available for any questions or issues on Food Poisoning


Session 3b

20 mins

Presentation – High-Risk Foods

(video – 5 minutes)

Food teaching focused activities: Use typical school recipes to identify High-Risk Foods.

Feedback on evidence submitted



Session 4

1 hour

Presentation – Allergens

(video – 10 minutes)

Food teaching focused activities: Use on-line information and exemplars develop your school policy and practice

Feedback on evidence submitted




Session 5



Presentation – Personal Hygiene

(video – 7 minutes)

Food teaching focused activities: Review best practice for Personal Hygiene.

Email feedback/

discussion 2



Session 6a

5 mins

Presentation – Premises

(video – 5 minutes)


Your course leader will be available for any issues on Premises


Session 6b

5 mins

Presentation – Pest Control

(video – 5 minutes)


Your course leader will be available for any issues on Pest Control


Session 7

40 mins

Presentation – Cleaning

(video – 10 minutes)

Food teaching focused activities: Set up cleaning good practice and documentation

Feedback on evidence submitted



Session 8

55 mins

Presentation – HACCP and Risk Assessments

(video –  8 minutes)

Food teaching focused activities: Review and update your current Risk Assessments

Feedback on evidence submitted



Session 9

25 mins

Presentation – Legislation

(video –  6 minutes)

Food teaching focused activities: Due Diligence in the food room and in food

Email feedback/ discussion 3



When you are ready


Presentation – Next Steps (video – 5 minutes)

Face to face/Skype personal session –sign off against Section 9 standards by providing completed activities

Level 2 Assessment is on-line or by multi choice question paper Accreditation (section 9 Food Teacher Professional Portfolio)


Your course meets the requirements for Food Teacher Professional Portfolio

Part 9. Implementing good food safety and hygiene

When teaching food, accomplished teachers understand how children learn key concepts and skills, and use age/ability appropriate teaching strategies that engage learners, challenge a range of abilities, and build confidence and independence.

When teaching, accomplished teachers:

9.1 Demonstrate and apply the principles of cleaning, preventing cross contamination, safe storage of food including chilling, cooking food thoroughly and reheating food until it is steaming hot;

9.2 Apply food safety information on food labels when buying, storing and consuming food and drinks;

9.3 Describe food poisoning and its symptoms and undertake preventative measures to reduce the risk of illness through bacterial contamination and multiplication;

9.4 Recognise common allergens and demonstrate how to take preventative measures to reduce the risk of contamination and allergic reaction;

9.5 Understand the importance of good food safety and hygiene including knowing how to get ready to cook (such as having hair tied back, removing jewellery and nail varnish, thoroughly washing and drying hands before and after handling food, and wearing a clean apron);

9.6 Model exemplary practical skills and food safety and hygiene processes, including personal hygiene.


Benefits of the on-line training

What people say about our courses:

“The course excelled in covering Health and Safety and the new Food and Nutrition requirements. I was also very impressed with the presentation pack to refer to later.”

“Gave me a chance to clarify so many issues (time to think with lots of practical advice from subject specialist experts).” 

“The best CPD for food teachers” 




Your on-line presenter and course leader

Barbara Rathmill (Food Teachers Centre Senior Associate)

35 years of teaching both Food and Textiles undertaking the roles of Head of Food Technology and 2nd in Design and Technology.

Barbara has shared her expertise and passion for food education by being involved in several food projects at national level such as

  • Food in Schools Primary training,

  • Food Technology Specialist Higher Level Teaching Assistant Training,

  • Consultant presenter National Curriculum 2014 – Cooking and Nutrition

  • Teaching Food Safely as a Registered Design and Technology Health and Safety Consultant.

    Barbara holds Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 Food Safety Awards and is an accredited Centre and Trainer delivering Level 1 and Level 2 Awards in Food Safety, Level 1 and Level 2 Nutrition and Level 2 Allergen Awareness to teachers, students and other areas requiring training.



Your course tutor


Julie Messenger has 22 years teaching experience, including 17 years as a Head of D&T and more recently in initial teacher training. Her skills as an Advanced Skills Teacher and Local Authority adviser have been utilised to: implement Food Technology in primary schools; support secondary schools to deliver KS3 &4 curriculum; provide practical based courses for non- specialist including HLTA’s; plan, deliver and support food based STEM challenges and careers events.More


  • How to Book this on-line course



    All of these events are ticket only and payable IN ADVANCE. The Food Teachers Centre automates these bookings via credit card.   When you book you will receive by email a full VAT invoice/receipt.


    PLEASE NOTE your booking confirmation and ticket will be emailed to both the delegate and person purchasing. If you do not receive your ticket it is most commonly caused by typing your email address incorrectly, or it is in your SPAM folder. Please check your booking carefully. It is VERY important that your school finance manager supplies your full name and PERSONAL- SCHOOL email so that we are able to send you joining instructions and further details. If we only receive the ‘school office’ email address, we have found in the past that this delays information getting to you or information is not passed on.


    If you have any queries,

  • Contact or call 07517 230909

  • please ask via the Eventbrite site messaging, and leave your phone number or email so that we can contact you easily.


    Terms and conditions

  1. Due to the on-line nature of this course, once booked, your fee is not refundable.  But you can take up to one year complete the course, and will continue to be supported throughout. 

  2. The draft programme elements might be subject to change. We would always endeavor to run the programme as advertised.

  3. You have one academic year forom booking to complete your course, your progress will then be archived.  You can ask for permission to extend this if you need to and if we can accommodate this


About the Food Teachers Centre 

FOOD TEACHER CENTRE is a UK based self-help group founded by Louise T Davies in 2013 and supported by experienced associates. It provides a platform to exchange best practice, give advice and support to less experienced teachers, answering practical concerns and keeping them abreast of the latest curriculum changes. A one-stop shop for like-minded professionals who seek help and information. It is free to take part and is facilitated through a closed on-line group, safeguarding the conversations of the teaching staff.

The idea of a ‘Teacher’s Centre’ is a response to the lack of local and national specialist support and diminishing Continuing Professional Development with the demise of local authority advisers ASTs, lead practitioners and supporting organisations.

The Centre utilises new technologies, not requiring a physical space in new times, but providing the same high quality service that our traditional teachers centres were recognised for.

The Food Teachers Centre is a place of

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