GCSE Boost grades 1-4 (On Line training room)

GCSE Boost: Supporting your least able learners grades 1-4

This on-line course is available today, access at any time!

This on line course covers all boards AQA, EDUQAS and OCR Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Presenters: Louise Davies and Jacqui Keepin


This on line course focuses on the new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition and how it is possible to support lower ability learners through the course and improve their performance. It provides intervention strategies and ideas that you can implement immediately with your Y10 and Y11.


GCSE and your lower ability learners: Overview

            What are the issues for lower ability learners on the new courses and how can they be addressed?

           Some common SEND and how these can be supported in class

  • Specific Learning Difficulties such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia
  • Moderate Learning Difficulties

          Choosing your board and exam. What are the alternatives to the GCSE exam for lower ability learners?

           Examining the specific issues in your group and developing an intervention plan to increase performance

 Back to Basics –   Practical ideas to help with teaching and assessment

Planning and teaching

           Focusing on essential content – knowledge organisers, targeting and simplifying

           Tools that help the content stick, making learning fun

           Grouping students for support, but also depth and challenge

           Questioning techniques to build knowledge and understanding

           Focusing on key practical skills and developing higher level skills over time

           Working to strengths and building confidence and independence



           Effective differentiation and providing different amounts of support during the assessment process, scaffolding and intervention within the JCQ regulations

           Practice, mocks, tests, self-review/assessment and preparation for NEA

           Where to gain marks in NEA1

           Where to gain marks in NEA 2

           Brain science and what this tells us about how to prepare students for the written paper


All teachers will be given access to an on-line training room that will contains videos of each presentation and handouts to download, example interventions, support templates, and checklists that you can use with your classes, links to further information and useful resources.

It is your ONE STOP SHOP!


What do you need to gain access to the training room?

To access the training room you will need a Facebook account and access to the internet.  The training can be accessed on a mobile device, tablet or computer.


Reviews of our face to face training- on which this training room is based

Every bit of the event was delivered excellently.

Amazing course! They just keep getting better!

Such a well-planned event with consideration given to delivering courses to SEND learners.

The presenters were very approachable and friendly.

I really enjoyed all aspects of the day




Louise T Davies
(Founder Food Teachers Centre) has been in food education for over 30 years. She is currently working for the United Nations School Food and Nutrition Education programme, and also offers advice to Department for Education (as Adviser on 2016 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition) and other key food education organisations. Her career spans teaching and senior leadership in schools, but also curriculum development and teacher training at the Royal College of Art, Brunel University, Bath Spa University, South Bank University and the Open University. She has also been an Ofsted ITE Additional Inspector.


With six years at Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) advising government on D&T national curriculum and examinations and eight years as Deputy Chief Executive at the D&T Association, Louise led innovation across a diverse range of high profile curriculum and professional development programmes. She is nationally recognised for ground breaking work in food education (Food in Schools programmes, Licence to Cook, Active Kids Get Cooking and the School Food Champions programme. She’s a prolific author with over 50 D&T textbooks and award winning multi-media resources.


As founder of the Food Teachers Centre, she has won awards for her work with the community (2018 Outstanding Contribution to D&T Excellence Award, Global Excellence 2017 Best Nutritional Health School Engagement programme and 2017 Best Public Health Sugar Reduction Awareness Campaign) and is recognized by Facebook as a Power Admin for one of the “most active, engaging and influential groups on the Facebook platform”. More

Jacqui Keepin’s skills span both industry and education, she became a Food Teachers Centre Associate in 2017.

She initially trained and worked as a chef in the catering industry and she also has 25 years’ experience of teaching at all levels (KS3, GCSE and A level) and was most recently Head of Technology at Parkstone Grammar School in Dorset.

 Jacqui was the Principal Examiner for GCSE Design and Technology: Food Technology and held the post for the past 10 years, this involves writing the GCSE paper, setting the controlled assessment tasks and leading the moderation process.    She has also been a moderator and assistant examiner for GCSE Catering.   In 2015 she was involved in the writing of sample assessment materials for the new specification GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition.

 An author and co-writer of ‘Food Preparation and Nutrition’ (Hodder Education).

 (Hodder Education) and EDUQAS Revision Guide (Collins).

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About the Food Teachers Centre 

FOOD TEACHER CENTRE is a UK based self-help group founded by Louise T Davies in 2013 and supported by experienced associates. It provides a platform to exchange best practice, give advice and support to less experienced teachers, answering practical concerns and keeping them abreast of the latest curriculum changes. A one-stop shop for like-minded professionals who seek help and information. It is free to take part and is facilitated through a closed on-line group, safeguarding the conversations of the teaching staff.

The idea of a ‘Teacher’s Centre’ is a response to the lack of local and national specialist support and diminishing Continuing Professional Development with the demise of local authority advisers ASTs, lead practitioners and supporting organisations.

The Centre utilises new technologies, not requiring a physical space in new times, but providing the same high quality service that our traditional teachers centres were recognised for.

The Food Teachers Centre is a place of

  • creative and innovative ideas and action

  • practical solutions

  • learning and sharing

To join the closed group, simply visit www.facebook.com/groups/foodteacherscentre