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February 2024 News
Community GUIDES to help you
We have a number of useful guides – with FAQs answered and great support in the Food Teachers Centre Facebook group.  Do use GUIDES to help you find the information that you need – especially when you are busy.
30 Technicians and Support Staff
This will depend on the app version and your device, but you should find the Guides in your GROUP menu – have a look at these images to help you.  Check that you have the Food Teachers Centre logo showing at the top of your screen first.
A Level Meeting
This meeting on 8th February (hosted at The British Nutrition Foundation offices) was well attended by teachers, awarding bodies, universities, government departments and the food industry. It was a very successful meeting and created valuable discussion and a working group to take the ideas forward.
During this meeting we set out to: 
  1. Understand the current provision and gaps in Level 3 qualification provision in England (16-18 years) compared to Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.
  2. Explore modern knowledge and skills required for further study and employment in the food sector.
  3. Outline possible content for new A Level subject criteria and assessment structures, accommodating the breadth of the food sector and qualification/career pathways. Ask for support for a post roundtable working group, who will seek input and draft detailed subject criteria.
  4. Assess the implementation challenges, such promotion of a new course, support and resourcing, including staff capacity. Short term and long term.
The following information was used to assist our thinking and as a starting point for discussion.
More information and the report will be published on our website soon.
Support for Marking and Moderating
We will be holding over 30 regional meetings so that teachers can mark and moderate together in March. These meetings are for GCSE and L1-2 Hospitality and Catering.
Hear from one of our teachers about why these teacher meetings are worth coming to and the benefits of booking!
Do click on our Google Map below to find your nearest meeting.
DONATION EVENT – £20 *suggested*
Or take a look at our listing here
Meeting Day Date Time 
Crawley, West Sussex Wednesday 06-Mar 16:15 – 18:30
Newcastle Wednesday 06-Mar 16.30-18.30
West London Thursday 07-Mar 16.00-18.00
Newport, Wales Monday 11-Mar 16.00-18.00
Exeter Monday 11-Mar 16.30-18.30
Derbyshire Tuesday 12-Mar 16.30-18.30
Tuesday 12-Mar 16.30-18.30
East London Wednesday 13-Mar 16.00-18.00
Wednesday 13-Mar 16.30-18.30
Ampthill, Beds Thursday 14-Mar 16.00 – 18.00
Thursday 14-Mar 16.00 – 18:00
Skipton, North Yorkshire Thursday 14-Mar 16.30-18.30
Thursday 14-Mar 16.00-18.00
Cumbria Thursday 14-Mar 16.00 – 18.00
Harrow, Middx Saturday 16-Mar 10.00-13.00
Swindon, Wilts Monday 18-Mar 16.00-18.00
Under Lyme
Monday 18-Mar 16.00-18.00
Monday 18-Mar 16.00-18.00
Manchester Monday 18-Mar 16.00-18.00
Darlington, Co. Durham Tuesday 18-Mar 16.00 – 18.00
Bristol Tuesday 19-Mar 16.30-18.30
Gloucester Tuesday 19-Mar 16.30-18.30
Southampton Wednesday 19-Mar 16.00-18.00
Hove, West
Wednesday 19-Mar 16.30-18.30
Wednesday 19-Mar 16.00 – 18.00
Nottingham Wednesday 20-Mar 16.00-18.00
Cheltenham Thursday 21-Mar 16.00-18.00
Thursday 21-Mar 16.30-18.30
Barnet, NW
Saturday 23-Mar 11.00-13.00
SE London Saturday 23-Mar 10.00 – 13.00
Wednesday 27-Mar
BOOK HERE  (be sure to click on the correct place!)
Further Support for exam classes
Presenters: Adrienne Gristwood and Louise Davies
This on -line course focuses on GCSE Food Preparation and Nutriton and how it is possible to support lower ability learners and improve their performance. It provides intervention strategies and ideas that you can implement immediately with Y10 and Y11. We cover all boards AQA, EDUQAS and OCR.
Focus on Y11 – Boosting the marks in the written exam
Focus on Y10 – Delivering theory through practical activities.
Choose the most appropriate workshop for your needs
  • Some common SEND
  • Understanding marking and maximising marks /NEA2 evaluations
  • Making learning fun and active
  • Improving attainment of boys
All the workshops will help you to examine the specific issues in your teaching group and developing an intervention plan to increase performance.
Top Marks Hospitality and Catering Live Meetings 2024
Join us at 6pm in January and February, with Adrienne Gristwood and Dom Huey.
31st January 2024
Teaching the New Specification for level 1/2 H&C. A walk through Year 10 and Year 11 – RECORDED FOR CATCH UP 
21st February 2024
A walk through controlled assessment.
These events will also be recorded and available in your training room afterwards.
If you would like to join the training room after coming to these meetings, we will be offering this at a 50% discount.
YOUR ticket includes admission to both meetings. ONly £40.
FREE Fish teacher training and student masterclasses
Fish HeroTeacher Training dates
Sat 24th February
Sat 2nd March
Sat 20th April
Sat 11th May
To find out more and register for the FREE training, click here.  
Free Salmon
– orders open at 7am 19th, 20th and 21st Feb 
Only 100 schools can order each day
Artificial Intelligence In Food education


Recorded for catch up: 
  • Introducing AI in Food Education (7th Feb 2024) CATCH UP
  • ONLY £20
What teachers said: 
Todays AI session was one of the most useful 1 hour I have spent in a long time. Roy’s examples just blew my mind to how easy it is, and the potential.
I second this  – most valuable CPD I have experienced in such a long time and hopefully will save hours of planning time. Thank you to all involved in the organisation!
It was definitely worth the donation. It was such a valuable course. Thank you to those involved.
Don’t miss booking our next On-Line Workshop: 
  • Integrating AI in Food Education 
  • 26th June 2024  2-5pm
These workshops introduce you into the potential use of AI in food education. It focuses on how it could save you time and increase effectiveness, support your planning and teaching, and enhance pupil learning and experience. The pros and cons of AI will be discussed, as well as how to talk to pupils about its appropriate use.


AI in Food lessons
Roy Ballam discussed what AI looks like in food education and how we could use it within our teaching. The event was recorded and is available FREE to watch in the Food Teachers Centre group. 
Staff supporting food lessons
Food Technicians and Support Staff Training
Technicians are a vital part of any Food team and should be used in that context.
Larger classes, and shorter lessons requires a technician who can support the teacher and enhance teaching and learning.
They deserve CPD as part of their Performance Management and Food Technicians and Support Staff Training is designed just for them.
Join like-minded Secondary Food Technicians and Support Staff for this one-day course to share best practice, top tips and great ideas.
There is a Face-to-Face Food Technicians and Support Staff Event in OLDHAM on Monday 15th April 2024 10.00 – 15.00.  ONLY £125
  • The role of the technician
  • Setting up practical lessons, demonstrations, sensory testing, food investigation.
  • How to support the teacher and students during practical exams
  • Supporting smaller groups of students
  • Managing the food room
  • Health and safety
The day includes practical activities, resources, and certification plus 12 months mentor support.  More information and BOOK here
Alternatively the training is available online BOOK here
For more information contact Barbara.Rathmill@foodteacherscentre.co.uk

You can also gets lots of free guidance in our Technicians Guide No. 30 Technicians and Support Staff

Need help with KS3 Assessment?

Food Assessment Standardised Tasks (FAST) gives an overview of, and practical support for, assessment within food education at Key Stage 3. FAST not only explains the theory and practice of food education assessment, but provides standardised tests and tasks for Years 7, 8 and 9 which can be embedded into your curriculum. It combines teacher CPD with classroom resources.

  • a differentiated ‘food’ learning framework for Key Stage 3, i.e. what will be taught at each Year, which acts as the basis for assessment (which can be used to audit what you teach)
  • baseline tests for Years 7, 8 and 9, helping you understand pupils’ previous relevant knowledge
  • ‘Learning journals’ for pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9, allowing them to record what they learn (as well as tell you what they already know and can do)
  • a Food equipment proficiency worksheet
  • differentiated standardised tests for the end of Year 7, 8 and 9 learning – multiple choice and open questions, with marking guides
  • differentiated standardised practical tasks for the end of Year 7, 8 and 9 learning, with presentations, pupil booklets, marking sheets and recipes
  • a ‘question and answer’ bank (multiple-choice and open questions), for you to use to build your own tests – just cut ‘n’ paste
  • certificates, featuring the Food Teachers Centre logo for external recognition.
This resource and full CPD package for all KS3 year groups is ONLY £150.
Need help with teaching food science in cooking sessions?
Recipe Led Food Science – on line CPD and easy to use resource pack is just what you need!
More details and BOOK HERE ONLY £60.
Eight short, illustrated presentations will take you through these essential food science topics and frequently asked food science questions for KS3.
  1. shortening
  2. dextrinisation
  3. caramelisation
  4. coagulation
  5. gelatinisation
  6. enzymic browning,
  7. fermentation
Taking 12 – 15 minutes, each presentation will show recipes most likely to help the delivery of this food science concept, explain the food science and function of ingredients and highlight further learning opportunities. The aim is to increase teacher confidence in delivering basic food science during practical food sessions whilst students are cooking.
Recipe led food science is a short, half day course ( 2 – 3 hours). It can be divided into short 15 minute topic-led sessions. It is an on-demand, self paced course.
This online course guides the teaching of food science via practical food preparation by:
  • Identifying and linking key food science terms to recipes
  • Explaining the food science behind the key term
  • Exploring various ways to show food science in practical lessons and enrich schemes of work
  • Guidance for further study
  • Review of basic food science for Key Stage 3.
Affordable Food Lessons for All – FREE UPDATE

We’ve updated Affordable Food Lessons for All.

💷KS3 recipes & tips on healthy tasty dishes to cook, being mindful of cost.

🛒We analysed 89 ingredients in 3 supermarkets in Jan ‘24 – checking 267 prices! Phew!

🥰Updated & added at no extra cost.

🍏More information and order here 

ONLY £48.00


Complete Resource Pack and on-line training in how to use it.


  • 24 recipes for around £20* TOTAL for KS3 (11-14 years)
  • Suggested recipes – Year 7: £5.72, Year 8: £6.17, Year 9: £8.45*
  • All recipes can be cooked in 60 min or less lessons
  • Tried and tested, loved by students
  • Progression in key skills across the set of recipes for KS3
  • Contributes to a healthy diet and meets current guidelines for healthy eating
  • Life-skills for students and their families and tips to reduce costs further
  • Spreadsheet costing to share with Senior Leaders and justify funding bids, with updated costs (Jan 2024)
  • Spreadsheet template to adapt or update recipes made simple
(*updated costs – Jan 2024)
Do join us at our Face to face events – Affordable Food and Vegan HIgh Skills DUO HERE



Spotlights!  FREE events in the Facebook community group
Spotlight: Hospitality Connect
 Wed 28th feb @7pm  Food Teachers Centre
Come along and meet Laura Johnson, Hotels & Schools Liaison Manager, Hospitality Connect. Who will share her insights into careers education and encouraging employer engagement within the hospitality sector. 
FREE no booking required
Spotlight: Leiths Essential Cooking Skills Course 
 Thursday 18th April 24 @ 7pm  Food Teachers Centre
An opportunity to listen to how one food teacher has benefitted from taking part in Leiths Cookery School: Essential Cooking Course. Come along and listen to Mary Campbell as she explains what the course involved, what she gained from it and the support she received from her SLT in order to complete the course and develop her skills.
FREE no booking required




Vegan High Level Skills – 6 week course
This Vegan High Level Skills course provides teacher CPD and teaching resources to use in lessons. It is aimed at exam level courses (such as Hospitality and Catering L1-2 WJEC, GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition, NCFE Food and Cookery Technical Award).

Overview of the course

6 practical fast track sessions, plus access to all the complete on-line training and teaching resources , including videos, recipes, slide presentations (unlimited access).
Each session will take you through a demonstration of high skilled vegan recipe, a food science explainer for the recipe and ingredients used and planning tips to meet exam board requirements, and legal protection for vegan learners and staff.
All sessions are recorded for catch up.

Join 6x LIVE ON-LINE workshops :

Wednesdays 7- 8.30pm.

8th May, 15th May, 22nd May

5th June, 12th June, 19th June

Recording available afterwards – don’t worry if you miss one
Example:  Session 1  8th May Aiming High
An overview of why and how we should be planning to include vegan cookery and food choices from several viewpoints.

Examination performance – what the exam boards group as high-level skills for vegans and non-vegans.

Vegan recipe choices that provide clear alternatives and equal access to those in exam board exemplar lists.

Developing school policies and food lesson policies that are inclusive of vegans and meet their entitlement to a full curriculum as they hold ‘protected characteristics’.

Part 1 Essential Guidance: policy and planning to meet the needs and legal requirements of students who are vegan.
  • Inclusive Vegan School Policy – the Vegan Society
  • School Case Study: Vegan Policy – Phillip Friend
  • Aiming HIgh – What are high level skills? – Louise Davies
Part 2 Step by Step Recipe Demonstration : Aquafaba Pavlova, Mango and Passion Fruit, Salted Caramel Sauce and Caramel Shards with Leith’s Cookery Academy
Part 3 Explainer presentation: Vegan Meringue. What it is, what ingredients are used and what needs to change to make it vegan and the science behind it. With Fiona Mather
All videos, slide decks, recipes are available for your use in class.

What teachers have said about this course

“The Vegan course is superb, so detailed and regardless of starting point is accessible to everyone. It’s another quality resource produced by The Food Teachers Centre and is certainly something I’ll be using with both our vegan students and indeed meat-eating students. Worth every penny.”
“The resources that come with this will make such a difference to my GCSE lessons. So much food science to link with the great recipes. The video clips make it very accessible to our students for flip learning too. Thank you for making CPD enjoyable!”
“A brilliant course which informs how to plan and build a food practical curriculum which is interesting, develops practical skills and is affordable along with preparing a range of high skill dishes which are suitable for vegans. Supporting not only the development of a Key Stage 3 curriculum but also up skill to be used within Key Stage 4.”
“Thank you for the opportunity to practice High level skills, especially working with aquafaba. The volume of resources curated is very much appreciated and will be a huge asset for teaching and learning.”
Produced with support from Leith’s Cookery Academy, Pro-Veg UK, The Vegan Society and practising food teachers, such as Phillip Friend, this course is led by Food Teachers Centre Ambassador – Fiona Mather, and Founder – Louise Davies.
If you cannot attend these dates- this course is also available on line for learn at your pace – DETAILS
UPCOMING …. save the date


Everything Food Teaching, 28-29 June
Join the Food Teachers Centre for our must-attend online event, in a new format over two days!
  • ‘Everything
    food’ teaching brings together inspirational speakers on a variety of
    topics, including learning, subject specific knowledge, practical work,
    resources and much, much more.
  • Follow
    themes and threads throughout the two-days, supporting your own CPD.
  • Dip
    ‘in’ and ‘out’ of the two-day programme to suit your needs.
  • Join
    networking rooms with other food teachers, technicians, teacher trainers
    and food leaders to further discuss presentations and share best practice
  • Get
    access to the entire programme, post event.
  • A
    Food Teachers Centre CPD certificate of attendance will be provided.
All this for just £40!
Pop the date in your diary today!
More details and booking link coming soon!


 Join our competition!
Tunnocks TeaCake Challenge 2024


A challenge for your students to have a bit of fun whilst practising their plating up techniques and win prizes too!



What is this? A challenge for your students to have a bit of fun whilst practising their plating up techniques & win prizes too provided by Tunnock’s from their range of edibles and also their shop of merchandise !
Can anyone take part? Yes, there are categories for all ages of students. There are four choices of theme this year- something for everyone.
Do I have to provide the ingredients? That is a choice for you to make… some schools provide the teacakes and basic ingredients and let the creative juices flow – some get students to bring everything in. A Tunnock’s teacake will cost no more than 20p per student!
I don’t think I have time to plan for this? There is a folder full of all the resources you will need in order to run the challenge, ready just to pick up and go. There are also ideas to help support your students – notes, videos and PowerPoints.


How do I enter my school? You will find everything you need in the above folder. The challenge closes on 24th May 2024. There is also a Facebook group just for the Challenge , you are automatically a member


Find out more….
Spotlight: Tunnock’s Teacake Challenge Sun 11th Feb @7pm  CATCH UP
 Tunnock’s Teacake Challenge – Are you taking part in the challenge this year? Would you like to know how other schools have run the competition successfully? Come along and find out how schools have taken the challenge on board in their schools. How they have planned and organised it, the experiences it has provided pupils and the success stories from all abilities.


Click on the image to go to catch up with the recording!

The challenge entries close on 24th May 2024.
Looking for training?
Our full programme is published here
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