Food Teachers Centre March 2023 Newsletter Celebrating 10 years

Food Teachers Centre
March 2023 Newsletter
Celebrating 10 years
This newsletter marks our 10th birthday as the Food Teachers Centre. Thank you for all the support that you have given each other. It is hard to remember what life was like BEFORE the Food Teachers Centre. We certanly take the support, training, free resources and mentoring for granted these days. There are so many amazing achievements and great memories it is hard to begin to list them all!
But we will be having some birthday features this year to celebrate, we hope that you can join us.
The founding members got together for a celebration lunch. Food and fun together being at the heart of what we do. Heartfelt thanks to them all – including Barbara Monks, Barbara Rathmill, Louise Davies, Julie Messenger, Jenny Elms, Simon Gray, Joe Mann and Suzanne Gray. (pictured below)
Support for revision
Jenny Ridgwell’s  GCSE FPN Speedy Revision Questions will be available as a fundraiser for the Food Teachers Centre. This is a PDF download.
DONATION = £5 for instant access HERE
  • It covers all Food and Nutrition Specs and has 10 sets of 10 multichoice questions with ANSWERS.
  • Mapped against the specs to include Food Nutrition and Health, Nutritional Needs, Food Science, Food Safety, Food Choice, Food Provenance.
  • Focused on AQA multiple choice practice, but suitable for all boards
And yes Jenny was a chief examiner setting the papers once upon a time – one discovery was that multichoice questions really worked to test knowledge.
‘Good luck with the revision – food teachers are doing a great job’. Love Jenny R.
What are the funds needed and used for?
The Food Teachers Centre is FREE to all users, there are NO MEMBERSHIP FEES.
Funds are used to maintain the free website, free monthly newsletter and for social media campaigns to promote great food teaching and the amazing work of our members.
Free videos on how to answer GCSE exam questions

COLLINS GCSE FPN Revision Guide includes 30 FREE videos on how to answer exam questions.

Barbara Monks with How to answer a Raising Agent exam question  Raising Agents video
Louise Davies with how to answer a knife skills/safety question  Knife skills video


COLLINS GCSE FPN Revision Guide includes 30 FREE QUIZES to support recall of key content.

Click on the LINK for our Vitamin Quiz


Unbeatable value – Schools price £4.99


  • All KEY revision topics covered
  • Topic by Topic questions for
    practice (NEW questions)
  • 2 NEW FULL EXAM Practice papers 
  • 30 ON LINE short videos showing
    how to approach different exam questions NEW 
    via book QR codes)
  • 30 ON LINE short quizzes NEW to
    get better an multiple choice Qs 
    via book QR codes)
  • All based on modern brain
  • You can buy the pack of revision
    ‘flash cards’ to match the book for £4
Promise you this COLLINS revision GUIDE cannot be beaten. Use it for EDUQAS as well as OCR – its so cheap you might as well!
March Competition Time
How much do these 4 recipes cost to cook?
Pictured are Veggie Pizza, Breakfast Muffins, Tomato and Bean Soup, and Chilli Sin Carne
Put your answer in £ and pence in the comments on the Facebook post HERE ,
Nearest winners will receive our latest resource for FREE.
CLOSES 31st March 2023
These 4 recipes are taken from the 24 in AFFORDABLE FOOD LESSONS FOR ALL:
  • What’s the cost of cooking in your school?
  • Do you know the cost of your Scheme of Work?
  • Do you have to reduce the budget you spend on ingredients to a minimum?
  • What has been the effect of the ‘cost of living’ crisis in your school?
  • Have you reviewed what you teach?
  • What’s your ingredient provision policy?
Deliver Key Stage 3 for less than £18 per pupil
  • complete resource pack and on-line training
  • practical solutions for addressing cost in food lessons
  • 24 healthy, tasty dishes can be prepared and cooked, being mindful of cost – while also providing 20 key skills.
This resource costs £49
Fish Heroes spread across the country
We are delighted to supply 250 schools in the UK with Alaska pink salmon, courtesy of Alaska Seafood UK – 10,000 salmon fillets are being send to schools throughout March!
It’s part of the Fish Heroes project, which encourages young people to learn about, cook and taste fish. Pupils will also be learning about the health benefits of fish in the diet (did you know that we are all recommended to each 2 portions a week?), as well as aspects of sustainability. Children in the UK eat just 84g of fish/fish products a week, of which only 21g is oily fish – way below recommendations.
Pupils will be cooking a rage of dishes, learning new food skills which they will be able to use in the future. As part of the lesson, they will also be able be to taste the fish. Perhaps children will be inspired to cook at home too.
We really hope that it will be an amazing experience for the pupils – from the delivery, cooking and tasting of Alaska pink salmon. Pupils should really enjoy the experience and have learn many important life skills.
If you want to find out more, go to our webpages:
Need help with Marking and Moderating your GCSE NEA 1 and NEA2?
Join our regional meetings to support marking and moderation.
These meetings are for ALL BOARDS.
Only £15 donation, free to trainee teachers.
For more information Click here
Check our easy to follow GOOGLE MAP to check your nearest meeting.
Click on the map ICONS to reveal the date, time and booking link for each location.
The remaining NEA Moderation meetings are being held here:
Tyne and Wear 20th March 16:30
Morpeth 21st March 16:30
Darlington 22nd March 16:30
Nottingham 22nd March 16:30
Birmingham 22nd March 16:30
Newcastle 22nd March 16:30
Swindon 22nd March 16:00
Horsham 23rd March 16:30
Bedfordshire 23rd March 16:30
Cambridge 23rd March 16:30
North London 25th March 10:00
SE London 25th March 10:00
Bristol 27th March 16:30
Northumberland 27th March 16:30
Hove 28th March 16:30
Gloucester 28th March 16:00
Lutterworth, S Leics 29th March 16:30
Southampton 29th March 16:00
Harrogate 30th March 16:30
Newcastle Under Lyme 30th March 16:30
On Line BOOK 30th March 19:00
Click here for latest listing of all meetings.

Tunnocks TeaCake Challenge
Entries in by 12th MAY 2023
This annual challenge is run by the Food Teacher’s Centre in conjunction with Tunnock’s. It is a simple challenge that can be run over one or two lessons, at a cooking club or for homework.
It has a dedicated Facebook group to download ready to use resources for the Challenge and to submit your entries and take part in voting for the winners.
It was created by Deborah Prigg and focuses on teaching presentation skills by using a simple Teacake as a prop.
This year’s theme is Patterns and Shapes and there are different age categories.
You can find out more here:
And you can gain access to the dedicated competition group here:
BUY a course and GET TWO FREE – (worth £220)
Buy any ONE of the courses listed below before Easter and we will give you a FREE place on our on-line KS3 360 course and a FREE place on our Allergens in Classrooms course. Once you have booked, do email us so that we can provide you with the free place code. Our email is on our website.
Applies to
(Sorry does not apply to £15 donation courses such as NEA Together or Ask a Nutritionist)


SAVE £220
And you have a year to complete all 3 courses.


Best wishes
Food Teachers Centre team
Volunteer Associates  and Ambassadors throughout the UK with a passion for ‘Better Food Teaching’.
The Food Teachers Centre is a place of:
  • creative and innovative ideas and action
  • practical solutions
  • learning and sharing


If your organisation or company would like to work with us – please do get in touch via our website or facebook page/facebook group
For more information Visit our Website
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