Food Teacher’s Centre News January-February 2023

Food Teacher’s Centre News
January-February 2023
It’s that time of year again!  Here is some easy to follow advice from Jill Oliver on our team to help you through Performance Management / Teachers Appraisals
Yes, on top of all the GCSE NEA and marking, plus revision – it may also be time at school to review your targets that were set back in September/October 2022. Department and school budgets usually end in April so if you are needing to reach a particular target that will involve you doing some additional CPD now might be the time to get this booked.
  • What standards are food teachers working to? Check them here
  • Do you need to collate your portfolio or online (eg.Blue Sky) any CPD that you have completed with Food Teachers Centre  – don’t forget to include certificates of attendance for on-line and face to face courses: NEA Together sessions, Allergen Awareness and Food Safety courses, Closing the Gap INSET,  or courses from other organisations – BNF
  • Is your Food Safety accreditation certificate due to be renewed?
  • What other training do you need? Use this opportunity to make your case.
  • If you need additional information, refer to the Teachers Standard document
To help you with any training – a number of courses can be found here
Those who are teaching GCSE might be particularly interested in the NEA Together On-Line Training Room, which also has useful guides, tips and strategies for Revision, in addition to the Moderating sessions we are holding throughout March around the country.
NEA MODERATING sessions are only £15 donation, free to trainee teachers.
NEA Moderation meetings are being held here:
Meeting Date
Peterborough 2nd March
West London 3rd March
Harrow 4th March
Leeds 6th  March
Newcastle 7th March
Newport 7th March
Swindon 8th March
Wirral 8th March
Manchester 9th March
Harlow 11th March
Woking 11th March
Tyne and Wear 13th March
Norwich 13th March
Cheshire 14th March
Morpeth 21st March
Darlington 22nd March
Nottingham 22nd March
Horsham 23rd March
Bedfordshire 23rd March
Cambridge 23rd March
North London 25th March
SE London 25th March
Bristol 27th March
Northumberland 27th March
Hove 28th March
Gloucester 28th March
Lutterworth 29th March
Southampton 29th March
Harrogate 30th March
Newcastle Under Lyme 30th March
On Line 30th March
We are awaiting confirmation for a few more, but just Click here for latest listing of all meetings.
BUY a course and GET TWO FREE – (worth £220)
Buy any of the courses listed below before Easter and we will give you a FREE place on our on-line KS3 360 course and a FREE place on our Allergens in Classrooms course. Once you have booked, do email us so that we can provide you with the free place code. Our email is on our website.
Applies to
(Sorry does not apply to £15 donation courses such as NEA Together or Ask a Nutritionist)


SAVE £220
And you have a year to complete all 3 courses.


Tunnock’s Teacake Challenge ‘Patterns and Shapes’ 2023:  FREE resources 
Where did the first half of the school year go? We are nearly at half term, and only 14 weeks away from the closing date of 12th May.
Haven’t heard of the Challenge?
It is the 5th year of the Challenge, and this year the students are being asked to create a plate featuring a Tunnock’s Teacake with a focus on patterns and shapes , using structure and layers, contrasting textures, colour, garnishes and decorations.
This year, all the resources that you need to facilitate this challenge, are available as a ready to go pack, so all you have to do is download and give to the students. It is an absolute recipe for success! It is a fantastic opportunity for your students to practice decorative skills when plating up their food. What’s even better is they can win prizes for their entries.
For all the rules and entry details have a look in our dedicated Facebook group which all our Facebook members are automatically members of.
Also look in our Google Drive pack which has all the resources in ready for you
Fish Hero programme finalist at Excellence in School Food Awards      
This was an extraordinary achievement  in January and made us all very proud.
Fish Heroes -Food Teacher’s Centre UK supported by Fishmongers Company were selected as a finalist for the ‘Excellence in School Food Awards’ with our ‘Fish In Schools Hero’ programme. We were invited to a special dinner to celebrate the Awards and were joined by our FISH HEROES and local teachers and technicians.
We are so grateful that we can continue to support so many teachers and students across the country and be recognised for a great project.
If you would like to join the programme or any of our training and fish deliveries, you must first register for the 2022-23 programme (it is only open to Food Teachers Centre members).
Salmon is currently being delivered to 250 schools, whilst teacher training and students masterclasses are booked throughout the country.
Our Fish Hero teacher training events are nearly all open for booking (to those registered). We are finalising details for London/Surrey, Birmingham/Manchester as we send this.
We are coming to Hertfordshire, North Shields, Caerphilly, Swindon, Taunton, (Manchester/Birmingham tbc), Bedfordshire, Harrogate, Leicestershire, London.
Perfect if you want to gain high level knife and fish skills. Places are limited to 20 at each location. These are FREE (but we ask for a refundable deposit, so that people commit to attending).  Add yourself to the waiting list if full. It’s worth it.
New resource and course to support KS3 – Only £25  until half term (4th March 2023)      
Affordable Food Lessons For All
24 recipes
Skills progression
Less than 60 mins
Loved by pupils
Special offer now is ONLY £24.35
Buy and access immediately here
Affordable Food Lessons for All comprises:
  • unlimited access to a modular online course, featuring all the resources below and training videos by Louise T Davies and Roy Ballam
  • a detailed guide, providing support information and guidance (an ‘offline’ version of the course, with all the recipes together in one place)
  • a series of PPT presentations, focusing on the resources, ingredient provision, learning, budgeting and management tips
  • 24 recipes (as PDFs and WORD files), which have been tested and fully costed
  • a PPT presentation about the recipes, showing images of the ingredients (amounts and labels) and final dishes (with top tips)
  • three comprehensive Excel sheets showing full recipe cost breakdown, including a ‘blank’ excel chart for your own use as a template in school
  • three charts – food skills, food group and learning opportunities
  • letters to send home about ingredient provision
  • sources of further information
  • an action planner and costing planner
  • a CPD certificate, on completion.
Developed and written by Louise T Davies and Roy Ballam, previously authoring team of ‘Licence to Cook’ and ‘Real Meals’ recipes.





Coming SUMMER 2023
Announcing a very exciting programme partnering with Leith’s Cookery school. A new course and resource to support High Level Vegan Skills will be running from July. It will include video tutorials of key recipes (for you and your students), teaching and learning guidance and policy requirements for vegan pupils in your schools.
– Coming SATURDAY 1st July 2023 –
KS3 Assessment – a practical guide
Half day on-line training with all the essentials to support you.
Featuring Ross McGill – Teacher Toolkit

Best wishes
Food Teachers Centre team
Volunteer Associates  and Ambassadors throughout the UK with a passion for ‘Better Food Teaching’.
The Food Teachers Centre is a place of:
  • creative and innovative ideas and action
  • practical solutions
  • learning and sharing


If your organisation or company would like to work with us – please do get in touch via our website or facebook page/facebook group
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