Food Teachers Centre September 2021 News

Food Teachers Centre
September 2021 News
Hello ,
Watch this food teaching community grow with great times ahead!
We are proud to share that we’ve been selected to participate in the 2021-22 Facebook Community Accelerator, a program that helps leaders harness the power of their community to turn impactful ideas into action. 130 participants across nine regions across the world have been selected to participate. We are 1 of only 10 groups in the UK.
We’re excited for the opportunity to learn, grow and scale our impact! Check out the entire handpicked cohort here.
I am personally enormously proud to have been chosen by Facebook to take part in the Accelerator programme. It is recognition for how successful our community is in providing for the needs of teachers. It will give us the opportunity to do new things that are desperately needed and secure a great future for the group. The past 8 years since we created the group have been exciting and hard work, our success is due to EVERYONE in it – the kindness and generosity that you show in helping others each day. But I also pay tribute to the tireless team that work behind the scenes, keeping the advice high quality, providing worthwhile events and training, giving up their time to attend meetings to be that national voice for you and relentlessly seeking new opportunities and partners to get the help we all need in our classrooms.
We have many plans, we now have the support of the global Facebook team, and anything is possible – how good does that feel as we emerge out of the tough 2 years? This gives us hope and help, so much to look forward to. We are keen to know how we can help you best and will do regular updates. In the meantime, celebrate with us, being part of this fantastic community
Watch this space






If you have concerns about GCSE teaching, check the CPD support you can sign up for HERE:
  • NEA Together (STILL ONLY £20)
  • Teaching for Higher NEA2 Grades
  • GCSE BOOST for grades 1-4
1. OFQUAL published the analysis and decisions documents following joint consultation with DfE on proposed changes to assessment  2022.
It has been agreed to release in advance topics for the summer 2022 exams on 7th Feb, by each exam board.
They ask you what you want to happen if there are no exams again next year (last resort) – Do you want the same system as they year?
The consultation will close on 13 October and we would encourage you to respond formally.
3. OFQUAL previously announced NEA 2021-22 ARRANGEMENTS  
  • Remove
    NEA1 and permit an earlier release of NEA2. As a consequence, students
    might not be able to demonstrate all of the skills and techniques listed
    in the subject content.
  • To
    reduce the requirements for NEA2 to 2 dishes to be completed within 3
    hours to allow for students to use complex processes such as baking,
    lamination, making ice-cream and to accommodate public health
GCSE EXAM Results survey LINK here
VOCATIONAL Course Exam Results survey LINK here
The Community has been going for 8 years and developed successfully beyond anything we ever imagined.  But our success is anecdotal taken from what you tell us and some evaluation evidence of our events.  As a team of unpaid volunteers we want to make sure that the community continues to be what teachers need.  To do so, we would like your feedback.  In addition, so that we can gain the support of others and bring you more programmes and resources, we often need to prove that what we do is effective for teachers, so this survey will give us valuable insights and statistics to take to partners.
No school or teacher will be identified from any information or comments.  Your personal information will be kept securely.
There are 30 questions, taking about 15 minutes, so we do appreciate your time in filling it in.
There are two presentations in November for students (VIA THEIR TEACHERS), with professional nutritionists. One for cardiovascular health and the other for children’s healthy eating.
We ask for a donation to attend…….
Or to get a copy of the video as it’s also recorded!
Thurs 4th Nov 12-1pm   
Cardiovascular  Heart Health with Sarah Lyster, RNutr.
More information on Facebook  and booking link is here
Thurs 18th Nov 12-1pm  
Healthy Eating for Young Children with Zoe Griffiths, RNutr.
More information on Facebook  and booking link is here
A one-hour live presentation, with Q&A by a professional nutritionist. Teachers can join from their classroom or opt for recording to use.
  • Capacity for 100 classes to join us live from the classroom (Students can only join through their teacher)
  • Recorded so that ANY class can catch up at any time, reaching 30,000 students

We hope that this helps Y11 by:

  • Giving them the opportunity for more engaging primary and secondary research,
  • Providing accessible, relevant, and up to date information,
  • Clarifying and exploring healthy eating guidelines for young children  and cardiovascular health isues to bring assessment to life
  • Encouraging them to apply to what they find out in the choice of appropriate dishes improving their marks.
  • We encourage your students to prepare questions in advance, and submit them to us, as there will be a substantial Q&A section.
  • What is a Nutritionist? (5 mins)
  • (4th Nov) Heart Health OR (18th Nov) Healthy Eating Guidelines for Young Children (15 mins)
  • Q&A (30 mins)
  • Summing up – important areas to consider (5 mins)
Other great features
Whilst this presentation is aimed at Y11 students, we are happy for Y10, or other exam courses such as Health and Social Care, Y12-13 Food Science and Nutrition to join as well (if there is capacity) or make use of the recording.
You can also use this video to support options evenings. It will bring to life the work on professional nutritionists and showcase many interesting career opportunities and pathways available.
This event has been made possible by kind donations from the Food Teachers Centre group, but we welcome further donations to our fundraiser, so that we can host more events such as these.
Our Resource Bank is moving – more new features!
The Resource Bank is moving and updating
1.      What is the Resource Bank?
These are Facebook files uploaded and categorised in Cloud Storage to make topics easier to find. You can also access from school (where Facebook is blocked for example).
2.      What Cloud storage do we use?
a) Dropbox  – In the past we have used Dropbox with 2GB of free storage. Now, the Resource Bank is bigger than 2GB you would have to purchase an annual Dropbox subscription, but then you can store up to 2TB for about £90. This is a great facility as it means you can save securely AND access all of your documents, pictures etc. on any device from anywhere with WIFI.  And if your computer is broken, lost or stolen, everything is safe.
b ) Google Drive – if you do not want to subscribe to Dropbox, don’t worry, you can access the SAME Resource Bank on Google Drive, with up to 15GB free storage.
3.      How do I register for this year?
We will not be uploading anymore files to the old location, so you need to re-register for the new Resource Bank .
4.      What if I don’t want to register for this?
No problem, you can find shared files in the Facebook group and you can create your own archive of the ones you want.
5.      How do I add my files to the Resource Bank?
Please upload to the Facebook group, or send it to Suzanne Gray HERE. What is really helpful, is if the file is given a name which indicates the content, exam board and year group.
Tunnocks Teacake Challenge 2021-22
Tunnocks Teacake Challenge 2021-22  – Natural World Theme
Tunnock’s have very kindly offered to sponsor a Challenge again this year. This will be launched in the Facebook group the next few days.  We ran a poll to give you the opportunity members to vote for a theme. There was an outright favourite in the theme of NATURAL WORLD.
This will focus on embracing diversity, sustainability and healthy eating.
Teachers will be asked to enter a high quality photo of the student’s plate and entry form details. You may wish to run an  internal competition and submit school winners for each category. Categories are – under 14, 14+ and most novel . Check Food Teacher’s Centre Tunnock’s Teacake Challenge group for more details shortly.
Are you registered for our FREE FISH HERO programme?
As we start the third year, we are super pleased to announce continued support from our funders (Fishmonger’s Charitable Trust). They have been very excited to see how schools have increased the amount of fish being taught and tried by students. They were hugely grateful for us transforming the face to face training into on-line workshops during C19, as these exceeded all planned attendance and meant many more schools were involved than previously planned.
As a result of this success, we can continue to provide you with support via our on-line training room. All schools requesting to join the on-line training can be accommodated.
In addition, this year we will have some limited opportunities for some schools to receive and use fish supplied directly as we continue to test the best way to get fish into schools. The logistics with the current delivery driver shortage and Brexit issues have made this enormously challenging.  You may have seen already that we have been testing sending FREE Salmon, Mussels and other sustainable fish into our schools. We may also be able to run a student masterclass in your school.
NB. You have to be in the UK and a Food Teachers centre member to be considered to receive fish.
Coming soon!
Have you discovered the GUIDES section in our group?
Check our new Guides for Open Evenings, Black History Month, Competitions and Awards… and much more……
And FREE support if you are ‘New to teaching KS3, GCSE, H&C or Home Cooking Skills’.


Our on-line training is different!


The Food Teachers Centre has revolutionised CPD for food teachers!
Previously you would have signed up for a day face to face course, or an online webinar for an hour or so. But we believe that CPD should be Continuous Professional Development.
  • you sign up for a full year of training and support in an online training room – for ONE PRICE unlimited access
  • you do not need time off school, or to travel and prices are affordable
  • equivalent of 3-4 days traditional training
  • available 24-7 via mobile, tablet or computer
  • move on at your own pace, start and stop as you need to
  • content is in small bite-size chunks so that you can improve your teaching step by step
  • plan your own learning journey, suitable for very experienced and new teachers, and everyone in between!
  • easy tracking so that you can restart where you left off
  • regular live video presentations and drop -in sessions with tutors and guest speakers on current topics to stay up to date


We have a very wide range of courses to suit what current food teachers need.


360⁰ KS3 FOOD Training is a comprehensive training course to support those teaching FOOD at 11 – 14 years (KS3). Start any time, access for one year unlimited. More information
Food Science training course presents a comprehensive set of learning units to help you teach food science effectively in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition.  It provides strategies to incorporate food science as a way of improving the quality of food teaching. More information.
GCSE BOOST focuses on how to support lower ability learners and improve their performance in GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition. It provides intervention strategies and ideas that you can implement immediately with Y10 and Y11. We cover all boards AQA, EDUQAS and OCR. More information
Teaching for Higher NEA2 Grades course combines professional tailor-made teacher CPD training on how to teach for higher grades through a series of video resources and recipes leading students through all the food preparation and cooking techniques required for higher NEA2 assessment grades for GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition. More information
NEA TOGETHER training course has numerous presentations, resources, and tips on how to prepare yourself and candidates for NEA, how to carry it out, and mark and moderate NEA, and how to use marking of NEA to improve your teaching next year. It also has a section for revision strategies and techniques for the written paper, with tips from examiners to improve your results and how to teach exam command words and higher mark questions. Throughout the year this training room is supported by network meetings, timed to co-incide with key NEA dates such as NEA task release, marking deadlines. More information
Top Marks Hospitality and Catering (WJEC) course allows you to work alongside experienced teacher practitioners who guide you through how they have successfully planned and taught the WJEC L1-2 H&C course, how they have addressed issues and gained excellent performance from their students. More information
BTEC Home Cooking Skills course guides you through how to successfully plan, teach and assess Pearson BTEC L1-2 Home Cooking Skills More information
Food Allergens in Classrooms-On Line Training course is designed to provide a one stop shop for up to date information and support to make sure your departmental health and safety documentation is up to date. More information
Food Safety in Classrooms is the only course designed specifically for food teachers and is taught by food teachers and that includes BOTH the award of Level 2 Food Safety and accreditation for the nationally recognised FSA/Gov framework for food teaching standards. It is designed for all who teach and support in food activities in school, this includes teachers, technicians, teaching assistants / higher-level teaching assistants, trainee teachers, special needs support staff and cookery club leaders.
Group rates are possible.
One day training by arrangement. More information
Food Technicians and Support Staff Training and Toolkit
Good Technicians are worth their weight in gold – keep up to date, motivated and valued by joining On-Line training with like-minded technicians to learn, develop and enthuse.  This is interactive training, providing the skills and resources for secondary schools, with opportunities for discussion, and led by highly experienced food teachers. More information
Currently all our training courses are on line due to C19.
Best wishes
Food Teachers Centre team
Volunteer Associates  and Ambassadors throughout the UK with a passion for ‘Better Food Teaching’.
The Food Teachers Centre is a place of:
  • creative and innovative ideas and action
  • practical solutions
  • learning and sharing


If your organisation or company would like to work with us – please do get in touch via our website or facebook page/facebook group
For more information Visit our Website
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