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NOV 2022


This email is sent to you to highlight some of the topics and discussions in the group this month. It is a busy place with 49,000 posts, comments and reactions. We don’t want you to miss the best bits, so here they are……

– HEADLINES – Not to be missed
  • Food Education Survey – to be filled in by 9th Dec, so that we can take information about budgets and concerns to Ministers early in 2023 here
  • Autumn Food Teachers Centre Newsletter here
  • NEA Support training (live meetings are recorded and now on-line) details here
  • Ask a Nutritionist (LIVE Meetings)– research for NEA2 tasks details are here
  • Tunnocks TeaCake Challenge here
NEA Assessment Issues
  • Concerns and solutions regarding wasting ingredients during NEA1 here and here
  • How does your school manage NEA2? here and here
  • When do you start and finish NEA 1 and 2? here and here
  • Network with colleagues doing the same tasks here
  • Guides and Workbooks that can be used in practice tasks here and here
  • NEA in silence here
  • Research process here
How to Teach Food – hints and tips
  1. Join the Fish Hero programme free here
  2. How to get your class’s attention in practical lessons – Tipshere
  3. Building exam technique here and here
  4. How to make demonstrations effective here, providing ingredients here
  5. How to evidence skills and progression (assessment) here
  6. Sustainable recipes here
  7. Introducing more Food science into KS3 here
  8. Using whiteboards during practical to understanding for assessment here
  9. Silent lessons here and silent starters here
  10. How to get students to collect their dishes at the end of school here
  11. Assessment in a SEMH school here
  12. Making choux pastry what went wrong here
  13. GBBO style technical challenges here
  14. FOOD acronym starter – here
How our Subject is currently managed in schools
  • How long do you get for your lessons? here
  • How many students in a GCSE class? here
  • Ideas for Cookery Club here
  • New schemes of work and assessment for Wales here
Health and safety
  1. The use of a food room as a tutor group room here
  2. Flour mites and Weevils here
  3. Can we save energy by asking students to bring teatowels to lessons? here
  4. Can TA teach unsupervised? here
  5. Washing up Bowls or not? here
Training to be a teacher
  • Do you need to specialise in more than one area in D&T? here
  • Formative Assessment assignment help here
  • Support for non-specialists here
New Resources
  1. Collins NEW Revision Guide, with exam technique videos and on-line quizzes here
  2. Quizlet for AQA here
  3. Welsh Language Cookery book here
  4. Food related bible quotes (display) here
  5. Learning Mats for food science rubbing-in, caramelisation, creaming method and dextrinisation  here
Topical food news stories
– Is Prime Hydration healthy? here
Themes for the month – Festive Fun
  • Festive Fare Guide is here
  • Displays here
  • Christmas Cake competition here
  • Christmas ideas sought here
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory here
  • Marzipan alternatives here
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