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How to join the facebook group

We have two opportunities to join us on facebook – one is a public page for everyone, the other is a closed group only for food teachers, technicians and trainee teachers.

Please only request to join the group if you are a food teacher, trainee teacher or technician.

Our group is ONLY for Secondary school food teachers, technicians or trainees (mainly in the UK, but others are welcome). This is a closed group to protect the professional conversations within the food teaching community.  Once you have requested to join, Facebook will ask you THREE entry questions designed to confirm your identity as a Food teacher, trainee or technician.  Please answer all questions fully and agree to the group ‘rules’ or guidelines (below) to gain access to the group.  We reserve the right to ask you for further proof of identity such as a photo of your school staff/student ID card.

Remember that this professional group is supported by volunteer admins and moderators who care deeply for the subject and have many years experience of teaching it. We don’t have an office or funding, nor paid experts or administration staff, but feel free to contact us at any time using messaging and email (see ‘the team’ section on this site).



Group Guidelines or rules for participation in the closed group


1 Share

Give as much as we take and help others. Our mission is simple ‘Better Food teaching’. We share resources, ideas and discuss issues. – Upload links and documents with a KEY WORD title (not ‘Doc 1’) that helps people search for content.
– Only upload your work –with secure permission and copyright


2 Teacher Professional Conduct

Show respect at all times. Do not criticise others (parents, pupils, staff) or any school. Behave professionally to protect your own reputation and to adhere to your school policy for social media conduct. Operate within exam regulations (such as JCQ)


3 Safeguard

Do not post or discuss identifiable pupil’s work (remove name labels), photos, handwritten work etc. Do not post your email address, simply direct message individuals if you need something from someone -PM (personal message). Keep your facebook account secure with a strong password.


4 Recommend

Recommend ONLY from personal experience. Recommend resources without using this as a platform for selling. Permission for an advert should be sought from Admin/moderator



– ‘THINK’: T = is it true? H = is it helpful? I = is it inspiring? N = is it necessary? K = is it kind?.


6 Contribute to Professional Development

Posts that are links, photos and documents with no introductory HUMAN words, will be removed as we cannot be certain if your account has been hacked and the link is a virus.


7 Respect Volunteer Time

Please use the keyword search, topic threads and Resource Bank to look for a resource or similar question before asking the community


8 Breaching Rules

ADMINS reserve the right to remove any post or person breaching above guidelines or the teaching union policy on social media

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