Louise T Davies

National leader in food education


My background

Louise has been in food education for over 30 years. Her career has spanned teaching food and D&T in London and Surrey as well as senior leadership in schools, but also in curriculum development and teacher training: Deputy Project Director, Royal College of Art Schools Technology Project; D&T PGCE course leader at Brunel, Bath, South Bank Universities and the Open University; and Ofsted ITE Additional Inspector. With six years at Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) advising government on D&T national curriculum and examinations and eight years as Deputy Chief Executive at the D&T Association, Louise led innovation across a diverse range of high profile curriculum and professional development programmes reaching thousands of schools each year. She delivered specialist advice on teaching standards and best practice, teacher training and CPD, special educational needs. She is nationally recognised for ground breaking work in food and textiles education (Food in Schools programmes, Licence to Cook, Active Kids Get Cooking, GCSE Rescue programme for lower attaining schools), and across D&T with creative and digital technologies, and the James Dyson Foundation Innovation Group for outstanding teachers. From 2014-16 she was Lead Food Technology Consultant for the D&T Association heading up the School Food Champions programme, part of the School Food Plan.

She’s a prolific author with over 50 D&T textbooks, including Challenging your most able pupils in D&T, Meeting SEN in D&T and 101 Red Hot Starters

She is Founder of the Food Teachers Centre which helps prepare food teachers for new National Curriculum 2014, and GCSE examinations in 2016.

My expertise 

She offers advice and guidance to Department for Education and key food education organisations, working most recently as Adviser to the Department for Education on the new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition.  Her consultancy features an exciting portfolio from developing cutting edge resources and innovative events for teachers, to assisting large organisations achieve effective strategic plans to support food education throughout the UK.

Consultancy offer

Strategic vision for food education, new curriculum and examinations, presenter and author, School Food


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