Online Training

The Food Teachers Centre has revolutionised CPD for food teachers!

Previously you would have signed up for a day face to face course, or an online webinar for an hour or so. But we believe that CPD should be Continuous Professional Development.


  • you sign up for a full year of training and support in an online training room
  • you do not need time off school, or to travel
  • prices are affordable for schools
  • provides the equivalent of 3-4 days traditional training
  • available 24-7 via mobile, tablet or computer from your Facebook account
  • move on at your own pace, start and stop as you need to
  • content is in small bite-size chunks so that you can improve your teaching step by step
  • flexible units to plan your own learning journey, suitable for very experienced and new teachers, and everyone in between!
  • easy tracking that automatically notes your progress over the course, so that you can restart where you left off when you return
  • regular live video presentations and drop -in sessions with tutors and guest speakers on current topics to stay up to date

If you would like to download our current events brochure please click on the button below.

Food Teachers Online Training

360⁰ Food

This comprehensive on-line training course supports FOOD teaching for the 11 – 14 years (KS3).

Closing the Gap

This workshop package contains everything that you need to provide a school based subject specific in-service training focused on addressing poverty, attainment and inequalities on food lessons.

BTEC Home Cooking Skills

This training course allows you to work alongside experienced teacher practitioners and trainers who guide you through how they have successfully planned, taught and assessed the Pearson BTEC L1-2 Home Cooking Skill course.

Food Allergens in Classrooms

The Food Allergens in Classrooms On Line Training course is designed to provide a one stop shop for up to date information and support to make sure your departmental health and safety documentation is up to date.

Food Safety in Classrooms

Our On line course includes award of Level 2 Food Safety and accreditation for the national recognised framework for food teaching standards SECTION 9.1 to 9.6 ‘Implementing good hygiene and safety’ (listed in ‘Food teaching in secondary schools: A framework of knowledge and skills’ 2015 Public Health England, British Nutrition Foundation and Department for Education).

Food Science

This comprehensive on-line training course presents learning units to help you teach food science effectively in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Food Technicians and Support Staff Toolkit and Training Room

Good Technicians are worth their weight in gold – keep up to date, motivated and valued by joining On-Line training with like-minded technicians to learn, develop and enthuse.

GCSE Boost – Supporting your least able grades 1-4

This on -line course focuses on how to support lower ability learners and improve their performance in GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Measuring up – food assessment at Key Stage 3

Join the Food Teachers Centre and inspirational speakers for this national food and nutrition education conference.

NEA Together

This on line training course has numerous presentations, resources, and tips on how to prepare yourself and candidates for NEA, how to carry it out, and mark and moderate NEA, and how to use marking of NEA to improve your teaching next year.

New to Teaching Food

These courses give beginning teachers and non-specialist teachers essential knowledge and skills for planning and managing practical lessons, including food safety, and KS3 teaching.

Top Marks Hospitality and Catering Level 1-2

This on line training course allows you to work alongside experienced teacher practitioners who guide you through how they have successfully planned and taught the WJEC L1-2 H&C course, how they have addressed issues and gained excellent performance from their students.