Affordable Food Lessons for All


The cost of living is an ever-growing problem and looks likely to continue. This affects our subject, especially where parents/carers are asked to provide ingredients or make a ‘donation’ towards the food – budgets will now be extremely tight. There is also pressure on schools as budgets are being stretched further for greater value.

Understanding the true cost of food education – often the recipes used at school to teach key food skills and related knowledge – is of the upmost importance. From individual recipes through to Schemes of Work, true costs need to be calculated for you, the parents and pupils.

The cost of our subject is in the spotlight – it is an opportunity to demonstrate how healthy, tasty dishes can be prepared and cooked, being mindful of cost – key skills for life.

Affordable Food Lessons for All:

• provides advice and practical solutions for addressing cost in food lessons
• shows how 24 recipes can be planned and cooked for less than £18 over three-years, each in 60 minutes or less, and take into account progression and food group coverage
• comprises 24 recipes that have all been fully tested and costed
• gives pros and cons for ingredient provision, as well as costings to share with senior colleagues
• has a range of support materials and online training
• is editable, so you can make it your own – using it in your planning and teaching
• supports teachers’ professional development and training – a certificate of completion is provided.

Affordable Food Lessons for All comprises:

  • unlimited access to a modular online course and resource, featuring all the resources below and training videos by Louise T Davies and Roy Ballam
  • a detailed guide, providing support information and guidance (an ‘offline’ version of the course, with all the recipes together in one place)
  • a series of PPT presentations, focusing on the resources, ingredient provision, learning, budgeting and management tips
  • 24 recipes (as PDFs and WORD files), which have been tested and fully costed
  • a PPT presentation about the recipes, showing images of the ingredients (amounts and labels) and final dishes (with top tips)
  • three comprehensive Excel sheets showing full recipe cost breakdown, including a ‘blank’ excel chart for your own use as a template in school
  • three charts – food skills, food group and learning opportunities
  • letters to send home about ingredient provision
  • sources of further information
  • an action planner and costing planner
  • a CPD certificate, on completion.

Developed and written by Louise T Davies and Roy Ballam, previously authoring team of ‘Licence to Cook’ and ‘Real Meals’ recipes.