AI into food education

AI into food education

Smart Teaching: Introducing AI into food education

These workshops introduce you into the potential use of AI in food education. They focus on how AI could save you time and increase effectiveness, support your planning and teaching, and enhance pupil learning and experience. The pros and cons of AI will be discussed, as well as how to talk to pupils about its appropriate use.

They show you how AI could help you create schemes and lessons, recipes and assessment grids, draft letters and communications, and generate and explore ideas on numerous food education topics.

You will see AI in action, for example, to create, develop and explore a number of themes and topics, producing content that can be direct used to support your planning and teaching. An Introducing AI in food education guide is also provided, comprising: AI ideas and tips; a walk-through of the examples demonstrated; and, links to further AI tools and information.

This is a ‘must-attend’ course of all those interested in AI (or just starting to discover its potential) and wishing to discover how it could be used in school.

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