BTEC Home Cooking Skills

BTEC Home Cooking Skills L1-2 (On Line Training Room)

This training course allows you to work alongside experienced teacher practitioners and trainers who guide you through how they have successfully planned, taught and assessed the Pearson BTEC L1-2 Home Cooking Skill course.  Whether you are completely new to the teaching of the course or if you have been teaching a while, you are sure to find great tips in the training room.

This training course is set up for you to be able to follow the UNITS in order, or to prioritise those that are most important to you. Each Unit has a video presentation, links to many valuable resources, examples to download and use in your planning and teaching and advice and support. There a mix of recorded video presentations, live presentations with your tutors and Q&A session with your tutors.

Price £240 (plus Eventbrite booking fee)

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