Closing The Gap

How are you managing poverty in your school and lessons?

As a result of the Government’s recent White Paper ‘Levelling Up’, the Food Teachers Centre has been providing information and events to support food teachers with the Government’s ambition to place a focus on food education.

The in-service package aims to:

  • set out the current national agenda and how this directly effects what we do
  • outline the whole school food agenda for pupil health
  • review new research into poverty, deprivation and food teaching
  • investigate practical strategies for inclusivity and diversity
  • explore practical ways in which the food teaching community can close the attainment gap
  • look at how we can provide life changing opportunities for all pupils.

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Create your own INSET session at ONLY £50.

We provide A ready-made INSET PACKAGE, instant workshop ANYTIME with Food Teachers Centre and inspirational speakers.

  • Everything that you need to provide a school based subject specific in-service training.
  • You chose when you will do the training. It lasts lasting approx. 4.5 hours. Great for a half- day session.
  • Addresses the latest national changes and challenges for food education, as well as providing practical solutions and ideas to use directly in teaching.

What are the benefits of the INSET PACK

  • Get updates about the national picture and what this means to you and your school
  • Take away strategies and tips to implement directly back at school – from tackling attainment and deprivation to delivering modern food lessons for all
  • Watch a range of inspirational speakers
  • Join like-minded food teachers who want to (and do!) make a difference
  • Focus on your professional development – a certificate of attendance is provided as evidence
  • Attend from the comfort of your classroom/home

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