Mastering Higher-level Food Skills at KS4

Mastering HLS pasta

This course is designed to enhance your own food skills, so that when you are teaching Key Stage 4 food, you are imparting food skills with greater accuracy and precision. In addition, you will have identified those food skills (and recipes) which will help pupils achieve higher.

  • This course has been created to provide training and support for those teaching food at Key Stage 4. Higher-level food skills are desired for practical work at GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition, Hospitality & Catering L1/2 and NCFE Food and Cookery.
  • It comprises instructional cooking videos, demonstrating a series of higher-level food skills – which will help achieve higher marks.
  • Recipes are provided, as well as presentations to support each ‘food’ area.
  • Audit and planning tools as provided, as well as links to further information and videos.

Mastering Higher-level Food Skills at KS4 course includes:

  • Sauces (reduction, blended, bechamel, veloute, vinaigrette and mayonnaise)
  • Bread (flat bread, basic bread dough, shaping bread, focaccia, pizza base, cheese and onion twist, and Chelsea buns)
  • Pastry (shortcrust, rough puff, pate sucree, choux: profiteroles and gougere, plus frangipane, creme patisserie, tarte aux pommes, and sausage rolls)
  • Pasta (making fresh pasta, shaping pasta)
  • Meat (chicken butchery, chicken escalope, pheasant butchery, pheasant bruschetta and sausage meat)
  • Fish (filleting mackerel, filleting plaice, fish finger sandwich, mackerel with chickpea and chorizo stew)
  • Presenting Food – styles, techniques and tips

Who provides the training?

The higher-level food skills are demonstrated by Simon Gray, Food Teachers Centre Senior Associate. He has over 30 years experience in craft and management within the Hospitality and Catering industry, and has been a food teacher. The course is also written by Roy Ballam, former British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) Managing Director and Head of Education, who has been involved in numerous education and curriculum development projects in the UK, Europe and around the world. Like Simon, he was also a secondary school food teacher.

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