New to Teaching Food

Look out for our free Guide in the Food Teacher’s Centre group, this is full of useful tips and ready- made documents to use.  Teachers who are new to teaching exam courses can get started by signing up for a Food Teacher’s Centre Mentor and going to our Food Teacher’s Centre ‘Guides’ section. We have ” New to teaching……KS3….GCSE…H&C …L3” Guides.

We also have face to face and on-line courses, written and presented by very experienced teachers, so if you have staff teaching Food for the first time we offer:

  • A practical face to face course called “Foundations in Food KS3” at different venues across the country.
  • KS3 360 (on-line) for planning, managing, teaching, and assessing KS3.
  • Food Safety in Classrooms accreditation (on-line, or face to face).

These courses are designed to support the needs of first-time food teachers to:

  1. Learn KS3 practical skills and how to manage practical lessons confidently
  2. Quickly gain the KS3 essentials for planning, teaching, and assessing effectively
  3. Gain Food Safety and Allergen training and accreditation to prevent issues and injury
  4. Achieve government’s national standards for food teachers.

Foundations in Food KS3

FiF supporting non-specialist Food Teachers (002)

  • Suddenly found that you are teaching Food?
  • Feel daunted and would like some support and training to teach KS3?
  • Come and join us for a face to face, practical session.

This one day face to face practical course has been designed to support non specialist teachers who are planning to teach food or beginning to teach food at KS3. It will give teachers the opportunity to look at the pedagogy of teaching food and cover the practical requirements which will help practical sessions run smoothly. Focusing on basic nutrition, basic health and safety, setting up demonstrations and tips on how to set up the practical classroom. 

The practical aspect of the day will consist of a hands-on approach, covering key practical skills required at KS3 and provide ready to use resources to take away. 

For more information about upcoming on-line and face to face training courses: