Recipe Led Food Science

Recipe Led Food Science

Recipe led food science presentations guide teachers through the basics of food science in conversational style.  

Eight short, illustrated presentations will take you through these essential food science topics and frequently asked food science questions for Key Stage 3.

  1. shortening 
  2. dextrinisation 
  3. caramelisation
  4. coagulation 
  5. gelatinisation 
  6. enzymic browning,
  7. fermentation
  8. Frequently asked questions (to be added autumn 23)

Taking 12 – 15 minutes, each presentation will show recipes most likely to help the delivery of  this food science concept, explain the food science and function of ingredients and highlight further learning opportunities.  The aim is to increase teacher confidence in delivering basic food science during practical food sessions whilst students are cooking.

Recipe led food science is a short, half day course ( 2 – 3 hours).  It can be divided into short 15 minute topic-led sessions. It is an on-demand, self paced course.

This online course guides the teaching of food science via practical food preparation by: 

  • Identifying and linking key food science terms to recipes 
  • Explaining the food science behind the key term
  • Exploring various ways to show food science in practical lessons and enrich schemes of work
  • Guidance for further study
  • Review of basic food science for Key Stage 3. 

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