Royal Marines EAT


Royal Marines Educational Awareness Team

Enthuse – Inspire – Educate


One of the fundamental tenets of Royal Navy Royal Marines recruiting strategy is to improve, maintain and develop access into all educational and sporting areas, cover all gender and age group 14 band above thus creating opportunities to impart information about Royal Navy Royal Marines careers opportunities to our target audience. Quite clearly, in an ever more challenging recruiting environment, close interaction with students is essential and contributing to the educational programme through a development of “life skills” and career awareness this should develop a more positive and closer relationship between Royal Navy Royal Marines, young people, lectures, coaches, “gatekeepers” alike.


Based at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines near Exeter, RM-EAT is seen as a “first contact” awareness team and delivers the Royal Navy Royal Marine message through life skills across the UK. 


RM-EAT is a flexible “tool” for the RN/RM and comes in many options, but as a general outline these are the two most requested evolutions – 

Food and Nutrition Presentation – single period, audience can be bespoke or complete year groups. Introduction, life in the RN/RM, live cooking demonstration, food and nutrition advice, breakfast, sugar in energy drinks, RM kit, life story, questions and chat.

Food and Nutrition Workshop – double period/90 mins. The workshop is as the same as the presentation but with the difference being what I demonstrate they will cook. 

Cost – Presentation free, Workshop to be discussed.

Both can be mixed and matched in your working day to suit the need of the school, college, sports club etc.  

RM-EAT can also cover other life skills such as ironing, sewing, interview techniques – getting the young person prepared for job interview.

Physical Team Building can also be added to the opportunities. 

For more information Contact Mike Beaton via the Food Teachers Centre Community