How To Enter The Profession

So now you have decided to train to become a food teacher, the Food Teachers Centre can help you through it.

To become a food teacher in a secondary school you will need to train to be a teacher in design and technology. This national curriculum subject includes teaching food and nutrition. 


(This diagram applies to England, for Scotland and Wales click here)

Common Routes into Teaching

This diagram illustrates and simplifies the most frequently followed 2-year courses that enable you to become a qualified teacher.

The first year of training will include working in a classroom alongside a mentor, as well as learning about the nuts and bolts of working in a classroom with young adults, through a variety of active academic training experiences delivered by the course provider.

During the second year of training you will be employed as a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) and be assessed during the academic year. After passing this NQT year you will be a fully qualified teacher.

There are several other routes you could follow depending on your own circumstances. Find out more about the differing routes by clicking here or downloading the information as a PDF.

Click here to visit the government website for tailored advice and information about teacher training.

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