Why Teach Food

Reasons to be a Food Teacher

Being a Food Teacher is more than marking books and setting tests. It’s about the chance to teach an exciting and fun subject that you love. You will engage young people in learning about food and develop important skills to help prepare them for their future. You will inspire a generation of young people to encompass a healthy lifestyle.

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Every day will be different – different classes, different year groups, different abilities, attitudes, and experiences. Every day will be a challenge and an opportunity to learn more about yourself, your pupils, and your subject. Every day will give you the most rewarding opportunity to pass on your expertise, give back to your community and be a role model, motivating changes in behaviour about food.

Now is a critical time to become a Food Teacher. Obesity levels are rising. There is increasing awareness of the environmental impact of food choices. And you could play a vital role in raising awareness of the importance that food plays in young people’s health, well-being, and attainment.

Every young person deserves to have a confident and exceptional Food Teacher in their school.

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So, what are the benefits of being a teacher?

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