Technician Training and Support – a request to express interest

Do you have a Technician or Teaching Assistant who would like to be better informed about their role in a practical food room in your school? If so, this might be just what you are looking for.

We have designed a training course to help you and your team to be able to support and provide a professional learning experience for pupils. This is essential when budget and time restrictions impact so heavily on food education. By ensuring technicians and teaching assistants are aware of the full scope of their role is fundamental to their role in supporting you. Understanding the shift in focus from Oftsted is key to satisfying their criteria from September 2015.

The teaching of Food within the curriculum is now compulsory from key stage 1-3. In addition, from September 2016, the new GCSE “Food Preparation and Cooking” course will be available for all secondary schools to include in their option choices.

We now know that, from September 2015, Ofsted will be focusing upon how “well-being, health and healthy eating” are incorporated throughout the school. Inspectors will consider the breadth and balance of the curriculum under “leadership and management”, of which practical cookery is now a part. It is now deemed an “extremely important area” and inspectors will certainly be looking at the extent to which pupils are able to develop their knowledge of a good diet and develop useful practical food skills in every school.


…. “Teachers, and, increasingly, technicians and learning mentors, gave careful guidance on coursework, individual coaching and, frequently, significant opportunities for students to strengthen their achievements.”

“The school ran a very popular level 1 National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) course in hospitality ……. This initiative was highly successful because there was a good level of support from a technician.”

In order to support schools we are providing a one-day training course for food technicians and support staff. This is delivered at various centres around the country, by highly experienced Food Technology teachers who will be able to support and offer advice.

These are practical, hands-on training days providing the skills and resources for secondary schools, with opportunities for discussion.

So what do the courses cover?

  • The role of a food technician and a teaching assistant in a food room
  • Awareness of the importance of health & safety issues in a practical food area.
  • Enabling the school to achieve quality outcomes in the teaching, and learning of students in a food curriculum area.
  • Understanding the place of food education within the developing school curriculum @ KS3 & KS4
  • Practical workshop (focus on skills, teaching points) through discussion, while making lunch.
  • What to do when (scenarios)

Currently we are simply asking those who are interested to let us know by signing up via eventbrite (link below) so we can judge how many courses to make available and where.

Find out more by expressing interest in these events – ask your technician to sign up and they will receive further information

Setting up trays for lessons and demonstrations is a vital skill

ingredients laid out


Managing the ingredients for the lesson

ingredients selection

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