Tunnock’s Teacake Challenge

The Programme


In February 2018, Deborah Prigg, a teacher and member of the Food Teachers Centre community, shared her lesson idea on food styling. She used Tunnock’s Teacakes so that she could focus on the elements of decoration, added features and eye-catching presentation. It was an instant success! Many teachers were wowed by photos showing standard of presentation the students had achieved. Hundreds immediately tried out the lesson with their own students.

Fergus Loudon, the Sales Director at Tunnock’s has been following the story with us. Fergus and Karen Loudon came to our training day on 3rd November, to present Deborah with an award and to help us launch this year’s challenge (with a starter kit of items for schools to launch their own challenges). 

Why set up a challenge?

The new GCSE and vocational courses require students to use good presentation skills and they need to practice these for their exams. The original idea was a call out to many teachers for their students to take part in a challenge which was fun and a great way of presenting these skills for the exams, covering a serious side to the syllabus. 


The Challenge 2018-19

Students are to produce a plate with a focus on the presentation of a Tunnock’s Teacake and we will be looking for the most stunning plate created. Marks will be given for creativity; presentation; skills and adding balance to the plate. By plate, we mean any receptacle, so it could be china; slate, wooden etc. One student only (from any year in the school) can be entered from each school.

Entries must have a clear photograph uploaded to the Challenge group, plus details of the teacher; school name and the student’s age or year group. 

The closing date for entry is 15th February 2019 and schools wishing to enter must have their Food Teacher as a member of the Food Teachers Centre Facebook group. Full details for entry are to be found there. 

For more information look in the Food Teachers Centre Facebook group or contact Suzanne Gray . It is envisaged that this could well become a yearly challenge