Seneca Learning

The Programme

In June 2018, the Food Teachers Centre was contacted by Dr Flavia Belham to introduce a new learning resource covering the GCSE Food specifications. This resource, called Seneca Learning, is an online homework and revision platform offered completely free for students and teachers.

Seneca’s content is presented using strategies based on cognitive sciences, such as retrieval practice, spaced practice, and dual coding. Research published by the Chartered College of Teaching showed that Seneca can double students’ performance on written exams compared to common revision guides.

Teachers can use Seneca to set assignments with automated marking and to monitor students’ progress on each topic.

Since the initial contact, the Food Centre has invited Seneca to join two of our conferences and has also run a Facebook Live Chat (Spotlight Session) with Flavia. You can see the conference Facebook Live Interview (if you are a member of the closed group)

And the Spotlight session is available to view here (if you are a member of the closed group)

Initially, Seneca only offered AQA content. Our Centre asked for EDUQAS content to be added, and it has! Our teachers received early access to this course.

The feedback from our teachers and students using the platform has been fantastic and we are proud to have been one of the first groups to get involved with Seneca.
As one teacher said….. ” It’s a bit addictive…I have sat at home tonight and seen one of my most disaffected students spend an hour on Seneca, answering 70 questions!”

Video of Seneca’s Food Course

Contact Seneca Learning

Looking for a Seneca demonstration? Want to know more about cognitive sciences and learning?
Get in touch with Flavia via email ( or Twitter (@FlaviaBelhamPhD) to schedule a visit to your school.
For more information on Seneca, visit their website.

This project was completed by Louise T Davies and Joe Mann.